Travel trends 2021 and how Smoobu can help you

ᐅ Travel trends 2021 and how Smoobu can help you

I’m sure you’re reading this and you’re wondering: what are the travel trends of 2021 and how can Smoobu help you?

There has certainly been an increase in requests for private holiday homes, places where you can have privacy and not be with lots of other people are the most popular. This means that the vacation rental sector is clearly growing.

Smoobu can help you with all aspects of the management of your holiday home, from managing bookings to communicating with your guests and creating a website to receive direct bookings.

The Covid-19 has influenced our way of travelling and will continue to do so for some time, but no one has lost the desire to travel, on the contrary, all of us now feel a great need to escape.

And the 3 key travel trends 2021 are

Local tourism

At the moment, the favourite trips are those close to home. For many reasons: firstly, to be close to their families in case of need, secondly, to avoid long travel times by car, and thirdly, and most obviously, to avoid having to take a plane to get around.

Remote work holiday homes

The new trend is to reserve longer stays. City breaks, especially during the weekends, are a type of travel that everyone avoids at the moment. They will eventually return but at the moment the trend are longer stays with the possibility to work remote.


Since the decision is to stay within national or regional boundaries, a unique experience is sought. Offer excursions or something original, be creative and come up with something original for your guests. If you have a house in the countryside, you have an advantage: you can offer an escape from the city.

Or look for chalets, shelters, tree huts. If they all seem like places where you can’t meet anyone, you’ve thought correctly, social distancing is the magic word of the moment. Check other Smoobu customers who have built their website with us and see what you can do with your holiday home.

What guests look for & what you should pay attention to


We’re not telling you anything new, but nowadays it is certainly one of the aspects that guests pay most attention to. Because of the pandemic people pay more attention to cleanliness and look for negative reviews about about how you handle your cleaning before they book.

Since many have become intransigent to this, you will have to be very careful about cleaning, Smoobu has some nice integrations with third party companies regarding cleaning – for example with Doinn. With Smoobu you can easily automate this.


The pandemic has unfortunately led to less money in our pockets and in general, pricing will also be very important. With Smoobu you can manage all prices on your booking channels and implement a pricing strategy for your website. Furthermore Smoobu is connected with Pricelabs and Beyond Pricing so you can also consider smart pricing.


Let your guests know that your holiday home has a space with a desk to work remote. Post a nice photo and be found by all those who combine leisure travel with work. With the Smoobu guest guide communication with your guest has never been easier! What are you waiting for, be ready for the tourism of 2021, Smoobu channel manager comes to the rescue!

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