Smart Prices in 2021 – Webinars with PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing

We know this year has been difficult for the entire industry, but in the light of recent news, we’re now more confident than ever that business will be back in 2021.

To get ahead of the booking wave, we hosted this week a series of webinars with our friends from PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing, in order to help you build better pricing strategies for 2021. Furthermore, since Airbnb changed their pricing model to 100% host-only fee on December 7th 2020 (for the majority of the countries), there’s no better time to think about Smart Rates (aka Smart Prices, Dynamic Prices or Intelligent Prices).

Our intention at Smoobu is purely to help you choose the solution that best fits your goals, so you can maximize your earnings for the upcoming year. We hope our effort in organising these two webinars with the industry leaders for smart rates within the vacation rental ecosystem can provide you with positive insights.

My own experience as a host

As I mentioned in both webinars, I’m also a host, therefore I have experienced the great value of having smart rates. My accommodations are more competitive, I have less manual work and I was able to generate about 30% more revenue than before.

Guides for Vacation Rental Hosts

Learn how to scale your vacation rental business. In our guides you can find extensive information about all major booking portals, such as Airbnb, and Vrbo, tools, automation tiüps and much more.

Go to our guides

In a nutshell, give it a try. Both PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing offer free trials, therefore you don’t have anything to lose.

Prices synchronisation – a final note

PriceLabs and Beyond Pricing are not a Channel Manager. Smoobu is still your solution to sync all your bookings and push all final prices to all your connected portals – Airbnb,, VRBO, Agoda, etc.

If you don’t have a Smoobu account, signup for a 14-day free trial below. You can find more information about how to connect PriceLabs and Smoobu OR Beyond Pricing and Smoobu, in your Smoobu account (Settings > Integrations). 

14-day free trial

Webinar with the PriceLabs team:

Webinar with the Beyond pricing team:

14-day free trial

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