Our new smartlock partner Nuki – Product Range for your holiday / vacation rental

ᐅ Our new smartlock partner Nuki – Product Range for your holiday / vacation rental

Thanks to Nuki’s open API, vacation rental management software providers can now integrate the features of the Nuki Smart Lock into their software offering their customers even more convenience.

Hosts and property managers benefit from the extensive advantages of Smoobu as well as from the features of the Nuki Smart Lock that make everyday life easier and keyless. The connection allows hosts to assign and manage access permissions for their holiday homes remotely. Time-consuming and cost-intensive key handovers are no longer necessary!

Property managers can automate the key handover and save time and costs by offering guests a 24/7 self check-in service and coordinating last-minute bookings without any troubles. Hosts only need the management software from Smoobu and the Nuki Smart Lock as hardware solution.

Smoobu channel manager makes sure to make the automation work with all major booking portals rather than just Airbnb

“The cooperation with Nuki has an enormous added value for our users. Access codes get generated and send out to the guests automatically for each booking. This is a great time saver! We are using the Nuki solution ourselves and are happy to now offer it live on our platform to our hosts”, says Philipp Reuter, Co-Founder, Smoobu Vacation Rental Software.

fNuki Home Solutions is a leading provider of retrofit, smart access solutions in Europe. The company’s vision is aimed at making existing door locks smarter and thereby replacing the physical key.

The Nuki Product Range

Nuki Smart Lock

The Nuki Smart Lock is an electronic, retrofit door lock that can be installed on the inside of the door within a few minutes – without screws or drilling. In combination with the Nuki app, it makes your everyday life keyless, by turning the smartphone into a smart key. Access permissions are easily managed and sent to guests for the corresponding booking period via the Nuki app or Nuki Web. The Nuki Bridge is additionally available and is connected to the local WLAN and brings the Smart Lock online. Thus, access authorizations can be managed at any time and from anywhere and the door can be opened or closed remotely.

Nuki Opener

The Nuki Opener turns your existing intercom into a smart door opener. It was designed for self-installation in your flat and makes it possible to open the door of your apartment building. When used in combination with the Nuki Smart Lock, you profit from a holistic access system and can offer your guests an entirely keyless access.

Nuki Keypad

Easy and fast access to the holiday homes even without a smartphone, just by entering a 6-digit code. We are recommending to make use of the keypad. Our data that we have collected at Smoobu Vacation Rental Software shows that guests will not like to download an app for their stay. Hence, we also made our guest guide a web app with a personalized link rather than a native app.

Nuki Fob

As a fully-fledged key replacement, the Bluetooth transmitter locks and unlocks the door at the push of a button.

How much does Nuki Cost?

As a Smoobu client you will get a 30 Euro voucher on the current website prices.

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14-day free trial

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