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Nuki for Vacation Rental hosts

Nuki smart door locks help hosts like you to secure their home while simplifying the check-in and check-out processes of your vacation rental. The integration with Smoobu is so simple that you can leverage the full-power of Nuki and Smoobu easily. Generate automatically unique Nuki access code for each reservation managed within Smoobu and send out automatically the email with the code directly to your guest. Did you say smart, simple and secure?

About Nuki

Nuki with its smart door lock permIts vacation rental hosts to simplify the access to their properties while offering a secured and modern solution. With Nuki, no need to use a key anymore, use your smartphone instead! 

Happy customers = good reviews for Nuki

In order to connect to Smoobu, all integrations must meet key client satisfaction requirements.They should offer a product that is helpful for hosts. If there are complaints about their service, Smoobu would automatically stop the collaboration. Nuki is a solution which our users chose to facilitate access to their properties. 

Nuki integration | Smoobu
Philipp Reuter
Co-Founder, Smoobu

The cooperation with Nuki has an enormous added value for our users. Access codes get generated and sent out to the guests automatically for each booking. This is a great time saver!


How much does Nuki cost for a vacation rental host?

The price of a Nuki smart lock starts at 149€. Multiple options or accessories can be purchased and added to your smart lock. Give it a full look here.

Is the integration between Smoobu and Nuki available in my country?


Why working together with Smoobu and Nuki is a plus for your vacation rental business?

Hosts and property managers benefit from the extensive advantages of the Channel Manager Smoobu as well as from the features of the Nuki Smart Lock that make everyday life easier and keyless. The connection allows hosts to assign and manage access permissions for their holiday homes remotely. Time-consuming and cost-intensive key handovers are no longer necessary!

How do I start using Nuki?

Visit Nuki’s website and start with your smart home project!

How could I reach Support from Nuki?

You can reach the support hotline of Nuki from Monday to Friday (9a.m.-6p.m. CET) depending on your location:
International: +1 (915) 600-7233
Germany: 0800 880 8710
Austria: +43 720 880010
Switzerland: 0800 880 871
United Kingdom: +44 1688 212012

You can also get in touch with Nuki via a form

Unlock the power of Smoobu x Nuki

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