How to send guest data to the authorities automatically with Chekin

ᐅ Send guest data to authorities automatically with Chekin

Collecting all your guests’ documentation and filling out check-in forms are time-consuming daily tasks that every property manager must do.

Vacation rental owners in countries such as Spain, Portugal and Italy, for instance, are required to inform the police of the details of the guests staying.

In these countries, vacation rental owners must communicate guests’ personal information to the relevant regional authority, within 24 HOURS after arrival. The information should be sent through the relevant web portal.

Although many don’t know it, these procedures can now be automated thanks to an online app.

Online check-in automatically sent to the authorities

Relying on a Channel Manager isn’t just about having your calendars synchronised.

At Smoobu, we know that there are many other needs for owners to optimise the management of their facilities.

How to fill out the entry registration forms. Until now, Smoobu has offered you a feature to expedite this task.

Thanks to the automatic messaging feature, guests entered their data and vacation rental owners received them in their account automatically. Then the task of the owners was to download a txt file and upload it manually to the Police website.

On top of that, thanks to the Guest App, access to this form is even easier for your guests.

Smoobu in collaboration with CheKin – all even simpler and faster

To make everything easier and faster, we’re happy to introduce Smoobu users with a new integration: CheKin, a company that gathers all the steps of the guest registration in 5 clicks.

ᐅ Send guest data to authorities automatically with Chekin


With Smoobu and Chekin you can automatically send the parts of travelers, so you don’t have to worry about manually sending them to the relevant authorities. Saving a lot of time, of course.

CheKin allows vacation rental owners to register their guests in less than two minutes or send them a form in advance so they can check in online.

ᐅ Send guest data to authorities automatically with Chekin

How Chekin works with Smoobu

The app easily scans and verifies IDs and passports from any nation in the world.

CheKin software scans all fields needed to complete registration to save as much time as possible.

When you sync CheKin with your Smoobu account, we will automatically send an online check-in form to guests of your next bookings.

Owners will impress their guests with efficient and professional business tools!

ᐅ Send guest data to authorities automatically with Chekin

CheKin will notify the property manager’s inbox, informing when check-in is complete and when the information has been sent to the authorities.

In other words, integrate CheKin with your Smoobu account and you won’t have any of these concerns anymore.

Chekin currently operates in Spain, Italy and Portugal and is likely to enter other European markets in the near future.

In Smoobu we are always looking for new integrations to ensure that our users have the best technologies in the field of property management. We want to help our users save time and to make the day-to-day management of their vacation rentals easier. You can find more integrations in the Settings – External Integrations.

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