How you can automate the check-in and check-out of your guests with Chekin

Automate arrivals and registration of guests with Chekin

Check-in, check-out and guest communications are the most time-consuming tasks in the management of a holiday rental. However, all that is now a thing of the past. When it comes to running a holiday business, time savings, accessibility and flexibility of processes are three key pillars of success. Moreover, that the guest can benefit from these advantages, helping to make the travel experience much simpler and easier, is the common thread running through most holiday home hosts. 

In some countries, one of the most important steps during a traveller’s stay is registration with the relevant authorities. This process, besides being time-consuming, can lead to errors, which are easy to avoid through an automatic data transfer tool. In addition to registration, there are other procedures that are becoming increasingly important, such as self-check-in and tourist taxes. Hosts undoubtedly have more and more work on their hands, and the automation of these procedures by the authorities requires even more research on the procedures. 

At this point, the best solution is to incorporate a tool that facilitates every step of the process: Chekin

Chekin: the Spanish-born company helping thousands of hosts in Europe

Chekin understood the needs of a sector that continues to expand. From holiday property management agencies to small owners who want to try their luck renting, the advantages provided by an app like Chekin have positioned it as one of the leading companies in the industry. Founded in Seville in 2018, to date they have helped over 4 million guests and their hosts provide an accessible and worry-free travel experience. 

Unique guest registration and identity verification in the industry 

As discussed in our guide to guest registration and due to the mandatory nature of the process, checking in travellers in some countries is arguably the most important task for hosts. Sending guest details to the authorities requires time and manual work on a daily basis, especially during the high season, which many hosts do not have. Resorting to an online check-in solution is undoubtedly the only alternative to the current process. 

But without a doubt, one of Chekin’s most outstanding innovations is the verification of identities through biometrics, which is becoming increasingly important in terms of citizen security. By simply comparing the ID card with a selfie in real time, the application is able to recognise if there is fraud or if the guest’s data does not correspond to their identity, making it possible to avoid unpleasant and dangerous situations.

Autonomous check-in: self check-in is here to stay

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of hygiene and security protocols when travelling, but the advantages of self check-in go far beyond that. There is no longer any need to travel to greet guests or to bother neighbours or friends at your place. For travellers, self check-in is also a highly valued option, as it allows them to arrive at any time at the holiday rental, without stress or worries. 

No more headaches due to tourist taxes

Calculating the tourist tax will be yet another step that hosts will have to break down into prices, and in the absence of a uniform national rate, each local government will be responsible for its implementation. Chekin’s software can automatically calculate these fees based on the location of the holiday home. For the travellers themselves, this will not come as a surprise, as the breakdown shows them in a fully transparent way what they will have to pay. 

Integration to make life easier for our customers

Sharing the same philosophy, which is none other than to facilitate the daily work of hosts and managers of tourist rentals, large and small, Chekin and Smoobu cover all aspects of the daily management of a tourist business: our channel manager allows you to manage bookings from different portals easily from a single platform and Chekin allows you to streamline the registration process, save money and time from arrival to departure of the guest and comply with all legal obligations as a host. 

The advantages are unbeatable:

  1. Smoobu allows you to integrate Chekin into your account in just a couple of clicks. 
  2. All data, changes and bookings will also appear in Chekin.
  3. Enjoy an integrated data system in the cloud, with access anytime, anywhere. 
  4. Registration forms will be automatically sent to guests and relevant authorities, no paperwork or online paperwork. 
  5. Automated online payments for each booking.
  6. Facilitate autonomous arrival for your guests. 
  7. Generate more revenue and attract more potential guests through cross-selling experiences and services. 

As you can see, our integration allows you to forget about the main worries and responsibilities of your job as a host and with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are in good hands. 

Integrate Chekin into your Smoobu account and experience all these benefits first hand! 

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