The advantages of glamping as a holiday accommodation

ᐅ The advantages of glamping as a holiday accommodation

Glamping trips are very popular across the world, since they combine nature, adventure, and affordable equipment into a single experience. But what exactly is glamping and why is everyone talking about it? And most importantly… How can you create a glamping site? 

From camping to glamping

It is a reality that camping trips inspire a series of images in our collective imagination: vacations, family, friends, nature, staying far from crowded tourist enclaves and with affordable prices. But what if you could have all this, but with added comfort?

Under this premise, glamping was born because let’s face it: camping is not always equally enjoyable and fun for everyone. However, glamping provides the combination of an outdoor retreat in the middle of nature and the comfort of a luxury holiday accommodation. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

It’s not hard to guess why glamping has become one of the most sought-after accommodation options for travelers in recent years. However, the origins of the term go back to much older times. In fact, it only takes a short visit through history for us to realize that glamping has always existed. It was already a very common form of travel during the Middle Ages, when royal courts were itinerant and kings, both in the West and in the East, toured their lands without skimping on luxury, the tents being authentic transportable palaces. During the 19th and early 20th centuries,  explorers and travelers had Persian rugs, desks, canopied beds and hundreds of personal items transported with them, so that it was impossible to be deprived of comforts, despite the human and material cost it involved. 

Furthermore, glamping has also played an important role in pop culture moments in recent decades, as we can see in movies like The Bucket List and Sex and the City 2. It is even an accommodation option offered at many music festivals, like one of the most famous ones, Glastonbury. 

Does all this mean that glamping has always existed? We are of the mindset that the goal of traveling is to be as comfortable as possible. Modern glamping has nothing to do with what it was originally. 

In the past year, possibly due to the desire to go out and explore nature after several lockdowns and curfews due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more travelers have chosen glamping over other alternatives for accomodation. 

ᐅ The advantages of glamping as a holiday accommodation

Advantages of glamping

It’s more respectful of the environment

Glamping is a form of ecotourism that aims to be more respectful of the environment: glamping sites are usually built with natural materials and their impact within an ecosystem is quite low, as they are temporary constructions. They also often use solar energy or biofuel to supply themselves, which mitigates their environmental impact.

Glamping can be combined with adventure sports and nature

Being located in natural areas, glamping is easily combined as an activity with outdoor sports such as hiking, climbing, canoeing, as well as with other activities of mental and physical connection with the environment, such as yoga or meditation.

It’s an adventure within everyone’s reach

It is a tailor-made and more exclusive type of tourism, perfect for both family and solo travelers, as well as being the best alternative to traditional camping for all budgets.

Glamping as an accommodation: what should it include?

Given its popularity, we can find an increasing variety of services and experiences, but fundamentally the services that most glamping sites includes are:

  • A spacious bed with excellent quality bedding;
  • A tent equipped with private bathroom and heating in winter;
  • Bath towels, electricity, a small fridge;
  • Complete equipment: chairs, tables, sofas, cutlery and eating utensils, mirrors, carpets, equipped kitchen, outdoor swimming pool, etc.

Of course, each glamping site may offer different amenities, but the experience should always be luxurious, comfortable and hassle-free for the traveler.

For hosts, is it profitable to manage a glamping site? 

Without a doubt, rural tourism is attracting more and more travelers eager to live a unique experience in a local environment that has less impact on the environment and is respectful of local culture and life. For this reason, there will be no shortage of travelers, even in low season, as it tends to be a stable type of tourism throughout the year.

If you are thinking of opening a glamping site, now is a good time! The sector is still expanding and there is often less competition than in traditional holiday rentals like apartments and houses. 

We hope by reading this article, you see that glamping is a long-term investment, but certainly with many advantages to benefit from partially thanks to its increasing global projection but also for its unique characteristics.

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