ᐅ Booking.com 30% Commission Discount Summer 2021 for Hosts

Get 30% off your Host Commission this summer season on Booking.com

ᐅ Booking.com 30% Commission Discount Summer 2021 for Hosts

Based on the results and your feedback to the Partner Performance Investment Program presented during the Click 2021 Global Partner Summit, Booking.com plans to further support hosts rebuilding business with the program’s next phase in 2021.

The Partner Performance Investment Program gives your properties the chance to opt into financial investments funded by Booking.com and when their data identifies an investment opportunity that will drive growth.

How the Commission Discount Program works

The commission discount is a program based on sales targets. You get 30% off commission for any extra stayed room nights over your sales target. The offer’s sales target takes local market conditions and the latest travel restrictions into account, which is important in these uncertain times.

This offer is the latest opportunity in the Partner Performance Investment Program from Booking.com and is only a limited number of hosts can participate, so please act soon if you’re interested.

The deadline to opt-in is May 12th, 2021. More details below.

The goal of the Commission Discount Program

Booking.com various pricing products and programs helps you stand out from the crowd and capture demand, fast.

The Partner Performance Investment Program is designed to enables you to be increase visibility on the platform and capture high-conversion audiences, as well as reduce the cost of acquisition. In Summer 2021, Booking.com is continuing to optimise the program with the Summer Commission Discount offer.

You can either opt into the commission discount immediately or first have to satisfy certain eligibility criteria (such as joining Genius, activating mobile rates or offering flexible rates).

Once opted in, being part of these programmes means you can capture a higher share of demand, receive more guests and grow your bookings whilst paying less in commission. This is not only more efficient, but also lowers the distribution costs for your properties.

Details of the Commission Discount Program

  • Stay dates will be from 1 June 2021 – 31 August 2021.
  • You are eligible for the incentive either immediately, or by opting into the specially prescribed opportunity that will further support your achievement of sales targets:
    • Genius
    • Mobile Rates
    • Flexible Rates
  • When a property exceeds the set sales target, you get 30% off commission on your exceeded room nights.
  • You are in total control. You choose what room types and prices you want to offer through Booking.com.
  • Deadline to opt-in: 12 May 2021

Now, since Genius, Mobile Rates and Flexible Rates will help you reach your sales targets to unlock the commission discount, here are a few benefits from these incentives.


Grow bookings via a visibility boost of 40% average towards high-value bookers, who also book further in advance, cancel less, and write more and better reviews. Capture on average 29% incremental bookings and boost revenue by 24% on average by offering Booking.com hosts better value on your most popular/cheapest rooms.

Mobile rates

80% of travellers use an app when researching a trip, according to Travelport Digital. Over 60% of Booking.com guest bookings are made on mobile. Hosts who implement a mobile rate receive on average 28% more bookings from mobile devices.

Flexible rates

Travellers want flexibility for their trips, now more than ever with the uncertainty around safety and government restrictions. 45% of travellers say they’re more likely to book if free cancellation is an option. Offering a fully flexible rate can therefore improve sales.

Easily monitor success

Once you opt-in to the offer successfully, the initial page will turn into a site to monitor your sales and savings. Extranet > Opportunities > Partner commission discount

ᐅ Booking.com 30% Commission Discount Summer 2021 for Hosts

How to join the Commission Discount Program

  • Visit the Opportunities page in your Extranet.
  • Click on Partner Commission Discount.
  • After reviewing the offer, click Get started.
  • Activate the prescribed opportunity (if applicable).
  • Click Join offer to activate offer.

If you have 20+ properties, you can find the Partner Commission Discount page on your Group Opportunity Centre.

Click here to join the program

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