5 tips to avoid parties in your vacation rental

ᐅ 5 tips to avoid parties in your vacation rental

Owners or managers of vacation rentals want to rent their property to run smoothly, in peace and quiet and avoid parties and party goers that could create problems for them. So how do you avoid parties in your vacation rental? In this article, we give you five tips on how to avoid parties in your rental property so you can sleep soundly (and so can your neighbors).

How to avoid parties in your vacation rental or Airbnb?

Smoobu offers you a selection of tips to avoid, at best, the organization of parties in your vacation rental.

1. A clear listing

First of all, make it clear in your different listings that parties are not allowed in your vacation rental. Try to avoid bookings by large groups of people, who may be coming solely to party. You can also inform your visitors on your own website that parties are not allowed.

To avoid potential parties, you can also impose a minimum night restriction for short stays by travelers only coming to party.

2. A well thought-out house rule to avoid parties?

Each short term rental must be accompanied by house rules to inform your travelers of their prerogatives in your property and the points they should pay attention to. For example: no noise between 11pm and 6am, no smoking inside etc. You can add your house rules to your Guest Guide.

Smoobu’s Guide: find all our advice to write efficient house rules for your vacation rental.

3. Have a good relationship with your neighbors

Maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors is essential and greatly facilitates the management of seasonal rentals. Tell your neighbors in advance that you have a vacation rental business so they won’t be surprised to see unknown people arriving at your rental.

If your neighbors are friendly, you can also ask them to take a look at your vacation rental and give their contact information to your travelers in case of need or emergency (in case you are not on site and you manage your vacation rental remotely).

4. Know your travelers and their expectations

You always have the possibility to discuss with your travelers by e-mail or by phone in order to know their expectations before their arrival and learn their intentions behind their stay. Moreover, if you don’t offer self check-in and you take care of the check-out in person, you can meet your travelers and talk to them.

If, for example, you receive a reservation from a group that would like to use your vacation rental for a night on New Year’s Eve, this may make you feel uncomfortable.

5. Have a rental agreement signed

A rental contract, as we present it in our Guide, allows both parties (the host and the traveler), to commit to respecting previously defined conditions: rental duration, rental conditions, price, etc. It has a legal value and allows both parties to navigate in safe waters.

In summary: act transparently to avoid parties

Whether you offer your holiday rental on Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo, Expedia or other rental platforms, play the transparency card by clearly announcing your rules and expectations in order to gain serenity and rent with complete peace of mind.