Travel trends 2022: How to prepare for the season as a host

ᐅ Travel trends 2022: How to prepare for the season

We’re heading into the third summer with Covid-19, and although new viral variants keep appearing, the tourism industry is preparing for its big comeback. But what will travel trends look like in 2022? Experts have figured out which destinations are trending this year and how we will travel in the future. This knowledge will help you as a host to attract more guests and improve your vacation rental occupancy.

The easing or lifting of contact and travel restrictions makes it possible for people to finally start planning their next vacation. Nevertheless, vacationers will retain certain pandemic-era consumption habits to which they have since become accustomed. What lies ahead for hosts and landlords?

The most important travel trends for 2022

Sustainable tourism on the rise

It’s not just the pandemic that has changed tourists’ habits. The climate crisis and movements like Fridays for Future are also becoming increasingly important in travel planning.

What travel agencies are already adapting to: More sustainable itineraries and transportation, the trend toward ecotourism in the great outdoors, and environmentally friendly leisure activities. These are all signs of a shift away from the mass tourism of the last decade. Avoiding the negative impact of the tourism sector on the environment is one of the most important priorities of our time.

This is already evident in some areas as they begin to specialize in sustainable travel: More trains and fewer planes, rural tourism in natural settings and small communities. If you’re a host of a rural vacation rental or an agritourism business, you’re right on trend!

Domestic tourism continues to be trendy

Since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, local tourism has taken off and many people are choosing to travel within their own country. The main reason for this is the lower risk of infection locally. However, many vacationers also want to support their country’s hotel and hospitality industry during these difficult times. The pandemic has left many people unemployed, and domestic destinations are a good way to rest for a few days without too much expense. The same goes for neighboring countries, which can be reached effortlessly by car.

Popular tourist destinations return to previous levels

Even though regional tourism will continue to boom this year, a study by HomeToGo shows that popular tourist regions remain attractive to many travelers. Florida, Sardinia or Majorca will continue to be attractive destinations for millions of people this year.

Strong comeback of business tourism expected

After the extreme decline during the pandemic, business tourism is on the rise again. Another important trend in the professional context is “workation”. The introduction of remote work in thousands of companies allows more flexibility to people who do not need more than an Internet connection to work. In addition, international conventions, trade shows and exhibitions are expected to return to pre-pandemic levels soon, bringing a general recovery to the industry.

Airbnb’s most recent findings provide similar insights: the average length of stay for guests has increased by 20% due to the ability to combine work and vacation. In our landlord’s guide to home offices on vacation, we already anticipated the significant increase in searches for the terms “home office” and “workation” on Google. Therefore, if you own a home office-friendly vacation rental, be sure to include these keywords in your description. This way you can easily expand your target audience and attract many new potential guests.

Guests are looking for special experiences and adventures

Who doesn’t currently feel the need to break out of routine and take a break after the busy times we’ve had? The increasing number of travelers who want to experience unique travel experiences is a clear sign that tourism in smaller villages and towns is on the rise. It is no longer enough for guests to spend a few days relaxing on the beach or in the mountains. They would rather have a special experience that will help them leave their everyday lives behind and create unforgettable memories for the future.

Many tourists are looking for a real insider tips and contact with the locals. They desire a gastronomic experience or want to contribute to the development of areas that desperately need such a boost. Airbnb discoveries bring us closer to this new tourism concept: a feel-good tourism that makes it possible to have unforgettable experiences while supporting communities.

As a host, what can you do to prepare for travel trends in 2022?

The outlook for this year is very promising, even if we have become accustomed to living with uncertainty. If your vacation rental is in line with the above trends, you’ll undoubtedly have a better chance of success. But you don’t have to worry about anything else either.

There is only one thing that all tourism experts strongly recommend: Flexible cancellation terms. If you offer this option, your guests can book with you with peace of mind, no matter what type of tourism it is. Also, use social media to reach more potential guests. Vacationers have adapted their way of traveling, and as a host, you must now respond to these new needs.

What is clear, however, is that while many people have adapted their vacation habits and have an appetite for something new, many travelers around the world will revert to their old habits as the pandemic ends.

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