ᐅ Advantages of having your own Vacation Rental Website

These are the advantages of having your own website for your vacation rental

ᐅ Advantages of having your own Vacation Rental Website

This is why you should have your own website for your vacation rental

A website for your vacation rental opens up many new possibilities. It makes you independent of large visitor portals and offers you other advantages:

  • Trust: In order for new guests to book with you, they have to trust you. You can build up this trust more easily with your own website.
  • Awareness: With an attractive website you increase the awareness of your vacation rental.
  • Occupancy: If you want to improve your occupancy rate as a landlord, having your own website for your vacation rental is an excellent alternative. You address your target group directly and show what makes your accommodation special even outside the high season.
  • Communication: An integrated booking calendar and a contact form make it easier for your guests to book. In turn, you build trust through direct contact.


For which devices do you have to optimise your website for your vacation rental?

It is important that your website runs perfectly on a laptop as well as on mobile devices. This way your future visitors can find you from everywhere.

Does your website need an imprint?

Yes, the imprint is a legal obligation in Europe and you should add it in your website. See how the European Commission does it on their website.

How much does a professional website cost?

If you hire an agency, you should expect to pay around 500 euros. Cheaper offers are rarely professional enough.

Tips for the domain name and layout

Short, simple and easy to understand – these are the characteristics of a good domain. This also applies to your website. It is important that it contains all the keywords that holidaymakers are looking for. A combination of the term “vacation house” or “vacation apartment” and the name of the place is ideal. Are you unsure about the ideal layout for your vacation rental website? Let yourself be inspired by other sites. It is important that they are from your industry. This way you can be enchanted by numerous new approaches.

The most important contents of a website for vacation rentals

Before your potential visitor books your dream vacation rental, he wants to know everything about it. Therefore, it is important that you provide as much information as possible in a clear way. Your website gives a first impression and should provide a good overview. From there, your visitor will go to the pages for your vacation rentals. These should also be informative. Besides the price, it is important how it looks. The facilities and what services are included in the total price are also important. A price and booking calendar makes it easier to book and offers a quick overview of what is available and when. Your future guest will feel particularly well taken care of if you offer additional information on your website. This includes: What is the best way to reach your vacation rental? Also important: What activities are there in the vicinity and what does the area have to offer in terms of leisure time?

These are the possibilities for a successful internet presence

If you want to create a website for your vacation rental, you have different options: The easiest way is to leave your website in the hands of an agency. Or you can hire a professional web designer. This option saves you a lot of time and in the end will convince you with its attractive appearance. However, individual web design is very expensive. A generic construction kit is another possibility to create your website for your vacation rentals. You don’t need any special knowledge for this, but can simply get started. A website for vacation rentals with WordPress is much more individual, but also more complex. Of course, you can build your website completely on your own – but for that you should be familiar with web design.


A website for vacation rentals has numerous advantages. You will increase your profile and gain the trust of new customers. Both will help you to rent out your vacation rental. With the right domain and a visually appealing layout, you become independent of booking portals. At the same time, you can include all the information your visitors want.

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