Smart Pricing with Integration between Smoobu Channel Manager and PriceLabs

ᐅ Smart Pricing with Integration between Smoobu Channel Manager and PriceLabs

This article is going to describe the new integration between Smoobu and PriceLabs, a platform that offers its users a customizable pricing option based on market data. What does it mean specifically? Smart prices thanks to the integration between Smoobu Channel Manager and PriceLabs. The recommended prices are based on supply and market demand, daily and seasonal trends. But also and especially on the events, holidays and the number of days left to book to give you full control over your pricing strategy.

Simply put, you won’t have to stress anymore about searching for events or trends: PriceLabs’ automated algorithm takes away all of your problems. So you will no longer find yourself every day thinking about which are the best prices to enter or change on Smoobu Channel Manager.

Why Smoobu integrated with PriceLabs

A user who signed up to Smoobu channel manager and the integration with Pricelabs will have an up-to-date calendar that synchronizes with each local event and the holiday forecasts. This way you can find the best price option for that time of the year.

At Smoobu we were already aware that many vacation rental owners were missing out on good sales opportunities. This happened because they did not remember about each event and forgot to change prices on the basis of these. This situation inspired us and led us to think that by integrating Smoobu and PriceLabs we would have found the perfect solution.

Manual price change management is not an optimal choice. Therefore at Smoobu channel manager we conducted a market survey and named PriceLabs as one of the most efficient apps. In fact, PriceLabs operates in a fully automated way. This easy-to-use integration allows Smoobu users to import their properties to PriceLabs and see the recommended prices almost instantly.

What are the features offered by PriceLabs

  • Automate your smart pricing strategy within minutes.
  • Use market data to recommend nightly rates.
  • Customizing rates.
  • Optimize the availability of each ad with dynamic minimum stays.

Price – how much does PriceLabs cost?

Free 30-day trial. Credit card is not required. Monthly fixed price based on the number of managed properties.

Reviews – What do users who already use PriceLabs say?

David Crosta: “PriceLabs is modern, flexible and fair-priced. It has improved our workflow by eliminating manual rate updates. It also allowed us to market and list our properties in ways that would not be possible without a real performance management tool. We’re thrilled!”

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