Monitor Your Vacation Rental Property with Minut and Smoobu

ᐅ Monitor Your Vacation Rental Property with Minut & Smoobu

Announcing a new integration with Minut

Minut is a Smart Home monitoring company trusted by hosts and property managers all over the world. Minut helps you prevent unauthorised parties by monitoring noise, occupancy, motion and temperature in your vacation rental accommodation and alerting you if anything is out of the ordinary.

With Minut, you can keep your property safe and neighbours happy without compromising on guest privacy.

The Minut x Smoobu integration will make monitoring even easier by helping you automate guest communication. When you connect Smoobu and Minut accounts, booking data syncs automatically, letting Minut contact guests on your behalf when noise is detected in your accommodation.

Philipp Reuter, Smoobu CEO said:

We are excited to have Minut as a partner. With this integration, Minut will help us provide even better end-to-end services to our clients, as well as creating a more efficient automation ecosystem for all hosts operating short-term rentals.

Nils Mattisson, Minut CEO & Co-founder said:

Being hosts themselves, Smoobu brings invaluable insights and supports our mission of making sharing work for everyone in STR. By partnering with them, we’re creating a more personal and efficient way of communication between hosts and guests, which will benefit everyone and make the industry as a whole more sustainable.

Setting up your Smoobu x Minut integration

  1. Open the Minut web app and navigate to Integrations.
  2. Choose Smoobu, and click on “Connect and configure.”
  3. Click the “Connect” button, then enter your Smoobu login credentials.
  4. Once the two accounts are connected, you will need to map each of your Minut homes to the corresponding Smoobu accommodation.

That’s it! Booking details will now be automatically synced. If you have Guest Connect enabled, Minut will automatically contact guests on your behalf when noise is detected.

6 reasons why you should use Minut

  • Prevent parties by monitoring noise levels.
  • Keep an eye on occupancy readings to avoid overcrowding.
  • Monitor your home environment and guarantee a great guest experience.
  • Reference motion graphs to see when guests arrive and leave.
  • Protect your property between guests with the home alarm function.
  • Get notified about alarms going off (such as fire or carbon monoxide detectors).

In 94% of cases, just one reminder is enough to get the guests to quiet down within 15 minutes. Integrate Smoobu with Minut, and let Minut solve most noise issues without any involvement from you or your team. 

How much is a Minut?

The Minut home sensor costs €149 and all Smoobu customers get an exclusive 20% discount when using the code MINUTSMOOBU during checkout.*

You’ll need a Minut pro plan to enjoy the Smoobu integration. 

Video about Minut

If you have any questions about Minut, reach out to their team via this email: [email protected]

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* This promotion may have expired by now.

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