Easily manage your pricing strategy with Smartpricing

Easily manage your pricing strategy with Smartpricing

From now on you will be able to connect Smartpricing with Smoobu and get better results in your vacation rentals. Discover all the advantages of our new integration. 

Smartpricing, the revenue management software for vacation rentals

One of the keys to a successful vacation rental home is the price. For many hosts and managers, the price per stay is a decisive factor, especially if the accommodation is located in highly competitive areas, such as the historic city center or in places with a large number of tourists during the high season. A price that is too high will scare off travelers, while a price that is too low will make you lose money. 

In addition, prices per stay fluctuate from month to month, often going up at the beginning of the high season (in some seaside areas mainly in summer, for instance in July and August) and down at the end of the high season. In an increasingly competitive sector, it is no longer sufficient to set a fixed price given the external factors that intervene in the price of accommodations. 

With this in mind, the use of a tool to obtain the correct price based on external factors, location and services offered in the accommodation has become indispensable. The growing volume of work experienced by hosts and managers of tourist rentals makes it necessary to look for solutions that allow an efficient, fast and secure management of their accommodation, leaving behind tasks that have traditionally been manual. The use of a channel manager such as Smoobu is undoubtedly the cornerstone of successful management, but where Smoobu does not reach, our integrations do.

In this respect, Smartpricing, as its name suggests, is a smart pricing tool that will automatically analyze your accommodation and market data and suggest the best price per stay based on it, so that you always come out ahead. 

The 3 advantages of using Smartpricing as integration

You will increase your income in a short time

According to Smartpricing, holiday rental hosts can see an increase of up to 30% on average in annual sales. This is possible because Smartpricing constantly analyzes the market, something that would be impossible to do manually on a daily basis. 

Simplification of work 

At the end of the day, what a pricing tool like Smartpricing is all about is that as a host you save time, reduce work-related stress and gain confidence in your business. For many hosts, pricing is not always their strong suit and it is easy to make mistakes. If you host multiple units or manage multiple properties, you will no doubt notice the difference an automated tool like Smartpricing can make to your daily tasks. 

You will gain confidence in your business

There are several ways to price a vacation rental, such as looking at competitors’ prices or following a fixed price list. However, this is a mistake, as every holiday accommodation is different and important aspects such as seasonality are not taken into account. With the help of artificial intelligence, Smartpricing differs from other tools available on the market in these aspects: 

  • Smartpricing’s algorithm analyzes multiple data, not just prices, to offer the most suitable for your accommodation. 
  • It is designed for people who do not have a deep knowledge in the technical aspect, so it is very intuitive and easy to use. 
  • You will be able to define the limits you consider appropriate, from a more conservative pricing strategy to a more aggressive one, so your holiday rental business will always be in your hands. 

As you can see, the advantages are plausible and it is logical to understand the success of this tool. There are many success stories with Smartpricing in both hotels and holiday rentals, especially in Italy and Germany. Here you can find them and see how similar accommodations have improved their business expectations with Smartpricing. 

This is how you can integrate Smartpricing with Smoobu now 

Our maxim is always to help our hosts to help their holiday rental businesses thrive and manage their properties more efficiently on a daily basis, saving time and gaining quality of life. 

Thanks to our API connection with Smartpricing, the process is simple and will only take a couple of minutes. Smoobu will receive the information sent by Smartpricing in real time, so that your listings on booking platforms and on your website are always updated with the correct price. 

In short, smart pricing tools are the future of any tourism business, and the constant innovations in the sector make us foresee that this is just the beginning. Leaders in Italy, Smartpricing is committed to a vision of the future in which artificial intelligence is put at the service of the owner to contribute to the success of his business. Find out now what it can do for you!

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