Helpful resources to setup your vacation rental on VRBO

ᐅ VRBO best pratices for more bookings: cleanliness is key

You want to receive more bookings for your rentals? VRBO provides you with everything you need to attract more customers. One important part is cleanliness. That’s surely no surprise. However, you might have a perfectly cleaned apartment but your possible clients don’t know about it.

The key to more bookings is showing in your listing how clean your property really is. Most guest value a heathy stay.

Commit to cleanliness and drive bookings

VRBO knows you’re committed to keeping your guests healthy – so show guests how you’re keeping them safe by adding key cleanliness practices to your listings, giving them the confidence to book.

Click here to lean more how to show your commitment to cleanliness

The Expedia group unified changed its platform for vacation rentals in Europe on the VRBO portal. VRBO was already one of the major booking portal in the Americas. But with this merge, Expedia made a smart move to be able to compete with Airbnb, and the smaller competition.

Give these events, we recently announced, that you can now also synchronise prices and minimum to VRBO (and the whole group as HomeAway, FeWo-direkt, Abritel, etc.) directly from the Smoobu Channel Manager.

All things considered, we wanted to take this opportunity to give you a few helpful resources, which can help you setup your vacation rental more efficiently on VRBO.

The VRBO Premier Host program

VRBO adjusted their Premier Host program to better reward partners that go above and beyond. VRBO prepared a very interesting on-demand webinar, where they address partner questions on how recent changes can boost value, benefits, and visibility.

Click here to watch the webinar

Podcast: Learn to advocate for your rental

Short-term rentals can easily fall prey to unfair regulation, threatening businesses like yours. This 10-episode series dives into how community, advocacy, and leadership can protect your rentals.

Click here to listen the VRBO podcast

Learn more about how to sync your VRBO accommodations with Smoobu here.

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