Automatically create invoices for your vacation rental

The processing of payments for your holiday accommodation is often made in booking portals such as, Expedia, Airbnb or Agoda. However, it’s sometimes necessary to create your invoice, especially for direct bookings. Or when payments are settled, customers request invoices. We show you how to automatically create invoices for your vacation rental.

Define the default billing format

First, create an invoice template with the help of Smoobu. Here you can define different aspects as standard, such as:

  • Billing address and sender
  • Invoice number format
  • Due date
  • Standard tax rate
  • Footer
  • Standard note
  • Payment options
  • Direct payment links
  • etc.

Your default setting will apply to all invoices. You can also modify the invoice before sending it. For example, the price of the stay is taken as an item of the default invoice. But you can also add other items and even with a different tax rate.

How are invoices created?

You can create your invoices directly from the booking and save them locally on your computer or automatically in your Smoobu application. Calculation of total, net and gross amounts, etc. The operation is completely automated. Once done, click Create Invoice and a PDF will be created. Creating invoices has never been so easy.

Can I customize the invoice?

In addition to adjustments such as the invoice number format, etc., you can upload your own logo and then adjust the invoices based on the appearance of the brand. In addition, you have the possibility to enter your individual text in each of the items and define the footer to your liking.

How’s the payment?

Your guest will find the payment information in the footer of the invoice and can make the transfer as usual. But you also have the option to insert a Paypal payment link in your invoices. This will automatically include the total amount of the invoice and at the time of payment, the money will be immediately in your PayPal account. Your guests can pay even with a credit card. We assure you that the guests of your vacation rental will thank you.

How to accept Paypal payments