Airbnb goes public – good expectations for the revival of tourism

ᐅ Airbnb IPO - good news for the return of tourism

Airbnb IPO with a great commitment to the future

At Smoobu we are not experts in the stock market, but if there is one thing we know it is that Airbnb has always known how to adapt to new travel trends, establishing itself as a leading portal in innovation and technology.

Today, Airbnb (ABNB) launched its IPO (Initial Public Offering), with a great growth prospect according to the experts. Airbnb ended up raising $3.5 billion, in one of the most anticipated initial public offerings of the year.

ᐅ Airbnb IPO - good news for the return of tourism


All of us, as travellers or hosts, are looking forward to the day when the health crisis is overcome and we can travel again. On that day, there is no doubt that Airbnb will be one of the preferred booking options for many reasons:

  • Unlike hotels, booking private flats reduces personal contacts.
  • Allows access to private kitchens and facilities.
  • Offers greater flexibility for long-term stays.
  • Contributes to generalising a sustainable travel option, expanding the range of accommodation on offer and enabling an alternative source of income for hosts.

Not only will the possibility of travelling again mean a revival of the holiday market, but also the boom in teleworking points to an increase in Airbnb bookings.

Many of us will consider working comfortably at a distance from an Airbnb accommodation, being able to connect from any destination and place.

So for those of us who are wondering if it makes sense for Airbnb to go public after the effects of the pandemic, at Smoobu we think it does make sense.

We are confident that a gradual recovery in tourism will add value to Airbnb’s shareholders in the long term. It is a brave IPO, a risky operation… but who else but Airbnb could go public in the midst of a travel freeze and a global pandemic? The holiday business is in the news today because of them.

At Smoobu we see this operation as a call to the market for a long term commitment to a sustainable tourism model with growth potential.

And of course, don’t forget to connect your Airbnb to Smoobu!

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