How to adapt your vacation rental listing to the seasons

Discover the main criteria to consider when adapting your ad to the seasons!

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Writing an eye-catching and captivating ad for your vacation rental is necessary to attract and seduce your future travelers. However, it is also important to know how to adapt your listing according to the high and low season and the seasonality. Discover in this practical guide some tips to post an effective and adapted ad throughout the year!

On which criteria should you adapt your vacation rental listing ?

You, as owners of seasonal rentals, have the choice to keep the same listing online all year long or to modify it according to the seasons. Nevertheless, adapting it to the seasons, local events, and high or low activity periods is recommended in oder to get the most out of your vacation rental and generate more bookings.

You can adapt the content of your vacation rental ad on the following parameters:

  • Seasonality: spring / summer / fall / winter.
  • High season and low season: to attract new potential visitors outside the tourist season and generate off-season bookings.
  • One-off events: a music or cinema festival, trade shows, fashion week, major cultural events, to name some examples.

How to adapt your vacation rental listing to the seasons?

You can easily adapt your seasonal rental listing to the seasonality by adapting the following aspects:


For your potential guest it is always interesting to see reflecting the seasonality in the text of your ads. This allows them to project themselves easily, to arouse their emotions and to spark their desire to book.

For example, if you have a cabin in the mountains, you could post something similar to this:

  • In winter: From our cabin in Golden Mountain everyone can enjoy an easy access the ski slopes and other winter sports with family or friends. Enjoy beautiful walks in the nature and relax, at nightfall, by the fire in our yard while savoring local specialties.
  • In summer: From our cabin in Golden Mountain you have direct access to beautiful hikes in the heart of a national park with family or friends to discover the fauna and flora of the region under the alpine sun. In the evening, enjoy the terrace and the splendid view of the surrounding mountains. The perfect place for those who want to experience a taste of paradise. 

These phrases will catch their eye and inspire images in their minds. Never underestimate the power of suggestion!


It is also interesting to adapt your photos to the seasonality. Indeed, if you rent your apartment or house by the sea in the summer, reflect the sun, blue sky and the easy-going spirit in your gallery.

On the contrary, if you rent the same property in winter, charm your future travelers with beautiful winter photos, your warm and cozy interior and highlight the cultural heritage, nature, hikes, festivities and celebrations.

Photos allow potential visitors to get an idea of your rental and its location, do not neglect them!

Adapt your vacation rental listing to the seasons ᐅ Guide



Depending on the location of your vacation rental: sea, mountains, countryside, in the South or in the North, your high or low activity period may differ. To compensate for the quieter periods, think of adapting your rates according to the seasonality to generate reservations, and more importantly, to help you grow your vacation rental business.

With rental management solutions like Smoobu you can easily, from a central cockpit, adapt the price of rentals for given periods, set up special offers etc. on the booking sites on which you are listed. Find out how!

Duration of the stay

You can set your own rules in your vacation rental home, so feel free to set a maximun or minimum amount of days. Of course it is interesting to adapt the minimum duration of stay to the seasonality. If you have no problem renting by the week in the summer for example, the situation may be different in the winter. In this case you can reduce or eliminate the minimum duration of stay in order to offer more flexibility to your guests out of season and thus fill your booking calendar with short stays, for example.

Highlight your strong points 

On online booking platforms such as Airbnb for example, highlight and offer upselling activities according to the seasons and thus attract more potential future visitors. For example, offer beach equipment if you are targeting families with children in the summer, or cultural activities (visiting a local Christmas market or tickets for a carols concert, etc.) during winter.

Conclusion: opt for a chameleon seasonal rental listing

Flexibility and adaptability are key aspects in the world of vacation rentals. By making the effort to adapt your ads and its different parameters (price, duration, upselling or cross-selling) to the seasonality and temporality you will help your guests create wonderful memories and certaintly stand out among your competitors.

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