Face current challenges in your vacation rental with Doinn and Smoobu

ᐅ New API Integration Doinn and Smoobu - Watch Free Webinar

One of the hardest sectors hit by the Covid-19 crisis was the vacation rental. The pandemic has forced many owners, hosts and property managers to cancel bookings and to adopt new hygiene measures to ensure the safety of guests. Although the worst seems to be over, there are still certain challenges that will be with us in the coming months.

That is why, together with our friends from Doinn, we have scheduled a new free webinar for vacation rental owners interested in making the most of these difficult times for their business. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Watch our free webinar

Doinn and Smoobu: joining forces to face new challenges

Making your guests feel safe during their stay at your property is not only desirable, but absolutely essential for the success of your business. Therefore offering a service that complies with health regulations is vital to generate better reviews, positioning and to attract more guests.

Doinn offers you a professional cleaning service that is ideal for any type of vacation rental home. Their extensive experience provides you with optimal and fast disinfection across several cities in the UK, USA, Spain, Portugal and France.

While combining both the Doinn integration with our Channel Manager you can directly automate the cleaning service of your vacation rental. Simply connect your account and choose the Doinn feature that suits you best – it’s as simple as it sounds! By joining forces with Smoobu and Doinn you will be able to overcome any challenge arisen in your business.

New API integration with Doinn

If you already have an account on Doinn, simply click “Add Property” -> “Use PMS Integration” and connect Smoobu.

ᐅ New API Integration Doinn and Smoobu - Watch Free Webinar

If you don’t have an account on Doinn, you can connect Smoobu in the global “Properties” page.

ᐅ New API Integration Doinn and Smoobu - Watch Free Webinar

After connecting, you can define your Doinn Smoobu integration settings:

ᐅ New API Integration Doinn and Smoobu - Watch Free Webinar

You can find more information aboout the integration Smoobu x Doin here.

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