USER GUIDE: how to manage Airbnb if you use the official connection with Smoobu

Changes with official connection between Airbnb and Smoobu

With Airbnb, each vacation rental owner can decide whether to accept instant bookings or inquiries only. This changes when you synchronize the official Airbnb interface (API).

When you decide to use the official Airbnb interface (API) you must accept instant bookings. This does not entail any disadvantage, since the calendars are perfectly correct thanks to Smoobu. Statistically, the number of bookings is much higher for properties that are “immediately bookable”. That is why this is not only an Airbnb requirement, but also our recommendation. In any case, we understand that this work methodology is not possible for all owners.

When you synchronize the official Airbnb API interface and receive instant bookings, you will see that some settings are no longer editable from Airbnb. Instead, if you want to do any changes you must do them from Smoobu. For example, prices or other items such as cleaning fees, days of check in and check out, etc. These settings can be set up in Smoobu settings -> booking portals -> price synchronization (Airbnb). This is what the screen will look like:

ᐅ USER GUIDE: how to manage Airbnb if you use the official connection with Smoobu

The options that are not present on this Smoobu page can still be managed from your session. Remember that if you wish to continue managing all the information (prices, reservation adjustments, etc.) from Airbnb’s website and not from Smoobu, you can choose the Airbnb Ical connection (alternative type of connection). To connect, you should go to Smoobu -> Settings-> Booking portals and choose Airbnb iCal from the drop-down menu.

Airbnb: choose between Airbnb’s official interface (API) or the alternative Airbnb iCal