Airbnb “on request” or instant bookings?

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Why use instant bookings to increase utilization

Some time ago it was still quite common to communicate with the guest before each booking. Nowadays, instant booking is the more contemporary option. The tourists want to book, pay and look forward to the holiday. As a landlord you do not want to spend a lot of time on inquiries that will not turn into real bookings.

Because this is now so self-evident, the booking portals want to do justice to this and increasingly offer this booking option. At, Agoda and Expedia there is not even an alternative. With the rather classic vacation apartment portals, there is often still the choice to work with requests.

At Airbnb, for example, each vacation rental owner can decide whether to accept direct bookings or to be bookable on request. Unfortunately, that changes the moment he uses the official Airbnb interface. This means that every ad linked to the API can be booked immediately. Basically, there is nothing against it, because the calendars are indeed correct thanks to Smoobu. Statistically, the number of bookings is much higher, for the objects that are “immediately bookable”. That’s why this is not just what Airbnb would like you to do but also our recommendation. But also we are aware that this is not possible for everybody.

But if you decide to work with requests only you can still sync with Smoobu

Everyone who wants to make “on demand” and still does not want to do without a two-way synchronization can do so with Smoobu. See here how to install it.

Set up the Airbnb (iCal) interface step by step

1. If you’re currently using the API connection, you’ll need to disconnect Smoobu and Airbnb first.

a. -> Then click on Edit Airbnb and “disconnect account”

2. Turn off direct bookings in Airbnb

Once the connection is disconnected, you can deactivate the booking in the Airbnb listing. Simply click on the flash so that it turns gray.

3. Add Airbnb (iCal) to Smoobu and export bookings to Airbnb

You want to synchronize the calendar in both directions. To do so you can use the iCal sync. This interface however can not synchronize prices. Availabilties and bookings in both directions in a reasonable speed. This interface offers everything you may need.

Follow these steps to set up the connection.

a. Settings -> Booking Portals -> choose as the booking portal “Airbnb (iCal)”
b. Copy the Smoobu link (on the left)
c. Go to Airbnb
d. Go to the calendar of the object to be synchronized
e. Click Availability Settings
f. Scroll down to the page
G. Click on Import calendar
H. Copy the Smoobu Link into Calendar Address
i. Give the calendar a name, eg. (“Smoobu Apt. 1”)
j. Click Import Calendar

Insert Airbnb calendar in Smoobu to import bookings

Now only the – then confirmed – requests have to be transferred as bookings to Smoobu.

a. Go to Airbnb
b. Go to the calendar of the object to be synchronized
c. Click Availability Settings
d. Scroll down to the page
e. Click on Export calendar
f. Copy the link
G. Go to Smoobu
H. Settings -> Booking Portals -> Edit Airbnb iCal
i. Insert Airbnb calendar link on the right side next to the unit
j. Save

Check out how fast you can connect and Airbnb

Check out as a great channel for instant bookings 

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