How to synchronise the calendars of, Airbnb, VRBO, Tripadvisor… No more double bookings!

ᐅ How to synchronise the calendars of, Airbnb etc

We keep receiving queries from owners of holiday homes who have lost track of their bookings and whose occupancy calendar is one big mess. is quite a problem for holiday home owners. There, you can only accept direct bookings. So you no longer have the possibility to manually check each request. The despair is enormous as soon as the first double booking occurs. The landlords then come to us so that we can throw a little more light on the issue.

We then search all bookings from, all from Airbnb, all from Tripadvisor, Roomorama, VRBO and all of the other channels and bundle them together in the clear cockpit of Smoobu. This is often the first time for the landlord to have all bookings bundled in one central location. The landlords are usually very happy at first sight due to the clear presentation. They are even happier when we tell them that the chaos in booking is now a thing of the past.

… to the happy landlord!

The Smoobu Channel Manager automates calendar maintenance. Let me try to illustrate the benefits of Smoobu by using an example:

Suppose a guest books the apartment online via Airbnb. The landlords without Smoobu are now compelled to take immediate action. Since all other portals need to be blocked as quickly as possible, the landlord needs to immediately update his/her rental through his/her PC immediately after booking is made. This means that he logs on all his portals and blocks the corresponding period so that no new bookings can be made from there.

A very elaborate and especially boring work. Only when all channels are blocked, can the landlord relax and look forward to receiving the guest. In other words, every new booking causes stress. In the worst case, the landlord gets annoyed about a booking, which is of course absolutely unacceptable for us! Bookings bring new guests, allow you to get to know new people and last but not least bookings also bring money. Bookings are fantastic!

So we have developed a solution that avoids this stress. We introduce Smoobu to the desperate landlords. From now on all their calendars are maintained automatically. Now, when a guest books the apartment on Airbnb for example, Smoobu identifies it and maintains all other calendars.

This ensures that a different guest does not book the same apartment at the same time. Interestingly, it does not only work with and Airbnb but it also works with all other important channels. It automatically synchronises channels such as Tripadvisor, Atraveo, FeWo-direkt/VRBO and many others.

This means the landlord can now rent out stress-free on many booking channels. When he gets the message from Smoobu it no longer brings stress but pure joy. The landlord can also stay quite relaxed in the bed late in the evening without having to worry that a double booking might occur overnight. He can sleep relaxed and look forward to the next guests. So from now on, the landlord is always as happy as his guest.

And to the happy Smoobu team!

Because when our customers are happy, we are of course, also … So if you want to make us happy, if you want to be happy, then try us free of charge and without obligation and tell us about your experiences!


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