ᐅ Online check-in for guests of your apartment

Online check-in for guests of your apartment

Online check-in for guests

In order to make life easier for holiday home owners, Smoobu has developed a new feature: online check-in. Often, for government agencies or official events, the guests’ data that must be collected goes beyond the normal booking process. For example, date of birth or nationality. Now it’s easy to automatically request this data from your guests, even before they arrive. No annoying filling of paperwork on site.

Thanks to the new “Online Check-In” function at Smoobu, the collection of registration data or online check-in can be done quickly. Of course, all this is encrypted and secure against access by third parties. Here you will learn how to proceed.

How does the “Online Check-In” function work?


Step 1: What data is collected?

The first step is to define what data of your guests you want to request. Go to Online Check-In section. This is found in Smoobu in the menu item Settings -> Online Check-in.

You can differentiate here between the main guest and additional guests.


ᐅ Online check-in for guests of your apartment

At the bottom, below, specify the text that should appear on the form page. An example:

Dear guest,

We look forward to your visit with us. To prepare for your stay, we kindly ask you to complete the online check-in form and send it to us.

Thanks for your effort.

Your XY family

Step 2: Prepare the mailing

Now you can provide the guest with the link for online check-in. For this, you must create a message template. You can write an individual text for your guest and then save the template.

You probably already know the new function of Smoobu. Go to Settings -> Messages and click Create message. Personalize your message and – IMPORTANT – paste the placeholder [OnlineCheckInLink] in your email template.

Specify whether you want to send it manually or select “Automatically send this mail” and define the time period. For example, 4 days before arrival.

Step 3: Send the mail

Next to each reservation, you will find the option “send mail”. Click on this option and select the appropriate email template. Upon request, you can adapt this email here again. If you choose automatic mailing in step 3, you can sit down and wait for your guest’s response.

Step 4: Waiting for the guest and notification

Your guest now only has to complete the form and send it to you by pressing a button. As soon as he does, you will receive an email notification from us.

Step 5: Download check-in data

From now on, you can access the data through the menu next to the reservation, edit or download as a TXT file.

ᐅ Online check-in for guests of your apartment

You now have you TXT file in you chosen download folder.

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For more information about automatic mailing, click here

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