Opening automated doors without Wifi with Igloohome and Smoobu channel manager

ᐅ Opening automated doors without Wifi with Igloohome and Smoobu channel manager

This article focuses on Smoobu channel manager newest integration with Igloohome. Igloohome is a WiFi-free automated door opening system that offers intelligent access solutions with last generation technologies. Igloohome covers a wide range of products to help vacation rental owners solve real problems related to guests’ check-in.

With Igloohome, you can generate PIN codes remotely and without WI-Fi: its devices work offline to ensure greater reliability and security.

Why Smoobu Channel Manager integrated with Igloohome – opening automated doors

Igloohome differs from most automated door opening providers, for they generally work via a prior established Wi-Fi connection.

At Smoobu we try to facilitate the lives of vacation rental owners. How? By providing them with a complete property management system, integrating it also with door opening systems which work automatically and remotely.

Many users register on Smoobu and contact us because they look for solutions to facilitate check-in as they do not live in the same city where their property is located. Most of the times it was all about relying on acquaintances and asking them to go open the property without knowing if they will be late or maybe forget the appointment with guests. Now instead, thanks to Igloohome it is all automatic and easy to control. Your guests will therefore not need to install any apps to receive the PIN code, nor to have a WiFi connection, which outside the house could be difficult to find.

What are the characteristics of Igloohome

  • Easier to check in: vacation rental owners will no longer be disturbed by key deliveries at the most disparate hours. Igloohome with its automated door opening service is now one of Airbnb’s favorite partners.
  • Offline: this is the world’s first smart lock that works offline.
  • No more waste time: Igloohome is constantly working to innovate processes to make properties smarter and improve the lives of the hosts.

Smart Keybox

Smart Padlock

Price – how much Igloohome – opening automated doors – costs

Igloohome’s products are to be purchased in stores – there are many of them around the world.

The price varies depending on the product you choose to use.

Reviews – What users who already experience Igloohome say

John Doe from Atlanta, USA, says: “Igloohome allows you to securely store spare keys in a safe that can be controlled with a smartphone. The automated door opening works perfectly and I’m super satisfied.”

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