How to furnish your vacation rental to get more visitors?

ᐅ How to furnish your vacation rental to get more visitors?

Unlike in hotels where the style is more minimal, homeowners can have fun with the furniture and play with the decoration.

A large proportion of travellers choose their holiday rental according to the style and the furniture, so it is a major concern to present your home properly and that your guests feel at ease and pampered during their stay.

Nowadays, on the web you can find many tips on how to furnish your home, you can take example on various images from social networks such as Pinterest or Instagram, or from websites that give you free advice on furniture or decoration.

Having a limited budget is nowadays not such a big issue, as many low-cost furniture stores display a wide range of well-designed and functional furniture.

Here you will find some practical advice on how to decorate your holiday home

Firstly, pay a great attention the cleanness of the entire apartment and furnish it according to your taste. Play with your decoration and accessories to give the impression that the place is well kept. Add colourful cushions and paintings on the walls to make it attractive.

Secondly, choose home made items in your home, guests love to see local handcrafted objects in the rental, maybe you could use items from a local friend shop or your favourite store around, it makes free advertisement for your colleagues, and your guests could be sent to the shop if interested to buy similar items.

Furthermore, choose your home decoration according to the location, for example if the house is close to the sea you can choose blue or white color tones that remind the ocean and summer, or of your house in is the mountains, chose natural colours and wooden furniture instead, reminding of nature.

Moreover, avoid putting to many carpets or trinkets, they could stumble and get hurt easily or break your ornaments.

As for the kitchen, it is often the main purpose of renting a holiday home instead of a hotel, to be able to cook for meals and save money on restaurants. Make sure your guests can always find the necessary kitchenware, detergent and sponges.

Pay the outmost importance to the bedroom, the bed must be comfortable, with cotton sheets, natural and hypoallergenic blankets. Install two nightstands next to the bed, so they can put their glasses at night. If there is enough space you can put a desk as well, it can be useful for workers or simply to take notes for next day’s excursion.

In addition, pay extra care to the bathroom, it must be white, neat and clean. Sanitary towels must be very clean and soft. Always provide small courtesy gestures such as shampoo and shower gels kits.

Last but not least, painting your walls makes of course the house more welcoming, but be careful with the colours you choose! Take some information on the internet before choosing, take time to think how it will fit with your location and the furniture you have. Wallpapers are back in trend, it became very popular this last two years, many designs are available, so have fun!

Finally, your house is furnished and ready to attract more guests, create adds on various booking portals and use Smoobu to synchronise your calendars from the channels and increase your direct bookings!

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