How Smoobu works with availabilities

You have just registered and you are wondering how we work with availability. Here’s the explanation.

Obviously when a booking comes in from a portal we do block all other connected portals. If that booking is cancelled for whatever reason we will open all portals for you to make sure that other potential guests can book your vacation rental.

We do not unblock any dates on your portals that were not available prior to working with Smoobu. So you may have available dates on Smoobu, however, no availability on the booking portals. Wondering why we do not open the dates. The dates were unavailable prior to connecting to us. So we are assuming there is a reason behind this. Imagine you connected only as your first portal with your imported bookings. Should we open all the dates?! We do not as there may be other bookings of yours coming in from other portals such as Airbnb.

To make a long story short. If you want your Smoobu calendar to be your master calendar and have all dates overwritten initially and your calendar open, send us an email and let us know until when you want to be bookable (eg. for the next two years) and we will update everything for you within a few hours. And you will be ready to go!

You had all your calendar up to date. Awesome! You blocked or have not unblocked dates for a reason. Awesome! No need to take action!

Any questions on this? Please send us an email to [email protected] or give us a ring +441157070245