Guest management with Wishbox and Smoobu channel manager

Wishbox is a system that allows you to improve the management of guests and to enhance their holiday experience.

Wishbox enables you to automate both communication with guests and generate new revenue, significantly improving the experience of your customers. Forget about all the stress and problems related to this topic!

By supplementing with Smoobu , which is able to read all your bookings, Wishbox improves guest management by assisting customers in their native language at every stage of the journey, from the initial booking to the check-out, bringing them as a result to the point of leaving a great review. It all happens automatically.

Why Smoobu channel manager integrated with Wishbox for guest management

We at Smoobu have established a new integration with Wishbox that allows holiday owners and managers to improve communication with guests.

Smoobu is a software that helps you manage your vacation rental and everything that comes after the booking process and that concerns the management of guests, which is known to be the most important part to a property manager.

Everything is also aimed at the excellent experience of your guests in order to make it unforgettable. It must therefore be managed in the best way possible. That’s why at Smoobu we decided to integrate with a system that not only made the guests management as efficient as possible, but also increased the credibility of your vacation rental.

Wishbox allows every user to optimize online check-ins, extra service sales and document scans. Thanks to the integration with Smoobu it is now be possible to save a lot of time through an automated communication with guests and also increase revenue.

What are the characteristics of Wishbox

  • Automatism: save valuable time by automating guest management.
  • Extra service sale: generate more revenue from each guest by offering additional services, without any extra effort.
  • Organized collection: collect arrival information, passport and CC scans, electronic signatures, authorities forms and more before arrival.
  • Communication: it improves guest experience and increases brand awareness with intelligent and targeted communication.

Price – how much Wishbox costs

Get your free demo. You only pay for active rentals/rooms.

Wishbox doesn’t have a free plan but offers a free trial. The paid version of Wishbox is available starting from USD 5.00/month.

Reviews – What users who already use Wishbox for guest management say

“It is a great tool for our property: I was very impressed by Wishbox. We have a small property and for this I use Smoobu since it is perfect as a management, not to mention Smoobu integrated with Wishbox: for our use it is absolutely perfect. It’s easy to use, as it achieves to meet your users’ needs. Guest management is now a five-star service” says Fabian from Berlin.

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