Engage guests with Unwrapped and Smoobu channel manager

ᐅ Engage guests with Unwrapped and Smoobu channel manager

(COMING SOON) Unwrapped is an App whose goal is to help you engage guests with content before, during and in between trips.

Vacation rental owners who sign up for Unwrapped primarily choose a smart solution to increase the visibility of their properties, and an app that helps engage guests and take the experience to the next level. All this for the sake of saving both time and money.

Why Smoobu Channel Manager Integrated With Unwrapped App to Engage Guests

The Unwrapped offer has been designed specifically for property owners who want to engage guests. It combines a dynamic and always up-to-date guide of both the city and the localities. Guests will never miss out the opportunity to explore the area around the vacation rental where they are staying at and to take a closer look at local attractions, best bars and restaurants.

Those who register with Smoobu channel manager expect much more than a management tool. In fact, they expect every aspect of business and guest management to be taken care of. As if you had a co-worker always at your side.

Smoobu Channel Manager’s mission is to give vacation rental owners a management that inspires and makes exceptional experiences possible. The aim is to achieve full guest engagement.

Unwrapped’s specialized guides are addressed at tourists of any kind and age. They also cover a very wide range of offerings, from information about the best bars to family activities and are available all over the world. The guides are entirely customizable in order to meet your customers’ specific needs.

What are the characteristics of Unwrapped

  • Extra services selling point: offer extra services to your guests and use Unwrapped to engage them.
  • City and restaurants guide: provide your guests with the best dining and tourist experiences.
  • Global: guide to the specific needs of your brand and customers, in any territory or destination.
  • Embedding widget: enhance your website and target content apps to engage guests and inspire potential customers.

Price – how much unwrapped costs

Before subscribing, Unwrapped gives you the chance to explore their offerings by booking a demo.

Monthly prices based on packages:

Base: 59 USD
Standard:119 USD
Advanced: USD 199

The prices shown above are defined per month, on a monthly basis, by property, excluding taxes (where applicable).

Reviews – What users who already use Unwrapped say

Amanda Kathleen from Facebook “I was looking for something to help me engage guests and I can only say nice things about Unwrapped. Everything has been taken care of in a wonderful way, and it really brought me the joy I needed during these difficult times. If you still have to make up your mind, I highly recommend you try Unwrapped.”

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