Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol & reliability standards

ᐅ Airbnb’s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol & reliability standards

An update from the Airbnb team for Smoobu clients – Mandatory Covid-19 security measures & reliability standards.

Enhanced Cleaning Protocol you should implement before November 20, 2020.

Airbnb has developed a standard of cleaning, made specifically for hosts. Earlier this year, they partnered with health and hospitality experts to create their enhanced cleaning protocol, a set of guidelines for cleaning and sanitisation.

These guidelines were developed with your well-being in mind, from recommended gear to step-by-step checklists.

Airbnb is now requiring their host community to agree to their 5-step Enhanced Cleaning Process, and wear masks and socially distance when interacting with guests.

Airbnb’s guest community will also agree to wear masks and socially distance when they confirm a booking on Airbnb. Hosts that don’t agree to these requirements by November 20, 2020, may have their calendars blocked from future bookings.

Please login to your Airbnb account to review and agree to these commitments.

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Updates to Airbnb’s guest and host reliability standards

Airbnb is updating their guest and host reliability standards to continue to foster a foundation of trust within their community.

Towards guests: They are expanding their guest reliability standards to include new criteria. Check the areas covered by this measure.

Between now and the end of the year, Airbnb is going to invest in improvements to their systems and processes to help make progress toward ensuring consistent enforcement, quicker response times, and more overall accountability with their guest community.

Towards hosts: Airbnb has also identified a few signals that point to good hosting on their platform. Read here what does good hosting include.

In the same way that Airbnb will be removing guests to help protect the Airbnb community, they will also be suspending or removing listings that show a consistent pattern of serious issues or that regularly received low review ratings and failed to meet guest expectations. In most cases, hosts with impacted listings have already been notified.

Please visit your Performance Hub on Airbnb for more info.

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Airbnb has built an appeals process to help address any concerns. To learn more about submitting an appeal, please visit Airbnb’s Help Center. For questions about this message please make sure to contact Airbnb directly.