How long does it take to link Airbnb, and Smoobu?

Link the calendars of and Airbnb – an example – the live test and Airbnb are among the largest portals for vacation rentals.

Many landlords are already active there. And again and again, we hear from these landlords that they are afraid to connect both with a channel manager. “Too complicated”, “too dangerous”, “too time-consuming” are the terms we hear over and over again. This is different from Smoobu,  we want to prove it with the following test.

I am stopping the time I need to link my calendar from to that from Airbnb. I start with the registration and stop the time when everything works and the real-time synchronization between and Airbnb is active.

1. Register with

Start your 30 days free trial now

Start, 00:00
On your marks, get set, go! I go to and click “Start free trial“. Enter the E-mail address and your password twice.

Smoobu Vacation Rental Software


Finished. After 25 seconds I see the cockpit. Super easy.


2. Create properties

I am adding my properties into Smoobu now. To do so I click on “Settings – Properties”. Typing the name and click on “Create property”.


Smoobu airbnb

That’s it. Wow. Smoobu needs nothing but the name.



3. Connect Airbnb to Smoobu


Now let’s connect the first booking portal. To do this I go to “Settings – Booking Portals”. I find Airbnb and click on “Connect portal”. Click on “Connect account”. I am automatically forwarded to Airbnb. Here I am still logged in, so I only have to allow Smoobu to access to my Airbnb data and confirm the connection. Almost done.


Connect Airbnb Account with Smoobu Channel


Smoobu does not know “House Konstantin” is called “Beautiful Semi-Detached House” on Airbnb. So I need to map the two. Clicking on “Please select” gives me a list of my properties on Airbnb. I click on “Please select” and select the corresponding Airbnb unit. If the Airbnb listing does not appear yet, a quick click on “reload” should help.

Finished with booking portal number 1. Linking Airbnb did not take 2 minutes. The bookings have already been imported. That was very easy!


4. Link with Smoobu

Again I go to “Settings – Booking Portals”. This time I search for “” and again I click on “Connect Portal”. The manual is slightly longer at first glance, but the steps are super easy to follow. First, I go to my extranet. Click on account and then on channel manager. and smoobu


Click on “Connect my Channel Manager”, search for “Smoobu GmbH” add the select full connection.




Accept the terms and confirm. Now a new page opens: “Confirmation of the provider pending”.


OK, I am done on extranet. For me time to continue in Smoobu. Here I enter my hotel ID and click on  “Save”. Again I see my flat below and again I can may units with my Smoobu property.  Save again. All bookings will be imported immediately.


The apartments must be selected and Smoobu names must fit.

Finished. Both calendars sync after not even 6 minutes

In less than 6 minutes I have a working synchronization between and Airbnb. All bookings from the two portals have been transferred and are now nicely arranged in my Smoobu cockpit. If the calendar in one of the booking portals had not been maintained before, then Smoobu has also synchronized these days, so I can not get a double booking anymore.


In the Smoobu Cockpit bookings and Airbnb bookings were imported


This manual is of course only for Smoobu. Smoobu is fully focused on owners of vacation rentals/apartments. This makes the software very easy to use. Most other interface partners come from the hotel sector. connection may take 2 weeks and an Airbnb connection is often not possible. So if you are an owner of one or more apartments and want to be represented on the two world’s most important portals do not wait to test Smoobu today 30 days for, no obligations, no credit card required and connect your calendars.


Of course, Smoobu also connects to almost all other major platforms such as Expedia, VRBO, Agoda, etc. etc.

Find our more about our channel management here

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