5 ways to prepare your vacation rental for summer 2023

With summer comes a new opportunity to address those details that will make your vacation rental an oasis for your guests during these months. It never hurts to do a bit of fine-tuning before your guests arrive, so these tips might help you!

5 ways to get your holiday home ready for summer

1. Check the installation of the AC and other appliances

With summers getting hotter and longer, air conditioning is increasingly becoming a regular feature in our homes. The dreaded heat waves hit the country a couple of times every summer, and even if your holiday rental is in a cooler area or near the sea, sleeping at night can be a challenge.

If you have air conditioning installed in your property, make sure it runs perfectly, because after a year of non-use, breakdowns may occur.Verify that the controls are functioning properly, that the water filtration has not blocked anything and that there are no strange noises.

If, on the other hand, you have portable fans, it is also advisable to check them. You don’t want your guests to find that they are not working at the wrong time.

The reality is that, with the price of electricity so high, you’ve probably thought that guests may overuse these items, and that at the end of the month the electricity bill will be exorbitant. Of course, you’ll have to appeal to common sense and remind your guests to use it sparingly. Even so, in this article you will find tips on how to save on your holiday rental electricity bill.

2. Install mosquito nets and awnings where needed

Every summer brings some unexpected and somewhat unwelcome visitors. Insects such as tiger mosquitoes (whose bites are very serious), cockroaches and flies can appear unexpectedly, especially when we have to open the windows for long hours of the day. A good solution to prevent these little visitors from bothering your guests is to install mosquito nets in windows.

You can easily install them yourself on bedroom windows, for example, and it will be a good investment in the holiday rental property as its value would increase. Your guests will really appreciate not waking up in the morning with mosquito bites or other unpleasant insects.

If your property is located in the countryside, mosquito nets are even more important, as they also prevent the entry of small animals.

Awnings are, together with air conditioning, the best allies against high temperatures. On balconies, windows and terraces, awnings will help to regulate the temperature inside the house and protect the paintwork and wood from the effects of the summer sun.


3. More bed linen and towels available

Cotton sheets that can be easily washed and more towels (beach and shower towels) available to guests will make them feel like they are being taken care of while they enjoy their well-deserved holiday.

Because everything gets dirtier in summer, especially if your vacation rental is on the beach, it is common to have to wash towels several times a week. So make sure you have enough towels at your visitor’s disposal.

Besides, a couple of light blankets are important for those summer nights when it starts to get bit cooler.

4. Prepare the garden or terrace for those long summer evenings

If your holiday home has a garden or a terrace, porch or outdoor area where your guests can enjoy and relax outdoors, then make sure that all is set and clean for these upcoming months.

Starting with the lawn (if you have one), make sure that it is in good condition and that the irrigation system works perfectly, so your guests do not have to worry about its functioning. Plants and trees should be tended to avoid accidents.

Many travellers are fans of barbecues, so if you have a barbecue area, check that everything is in order and that guests have adequate equipment for their use. Do the same with the swimming pool or jacuzzi: check the purifier and coordinate the hours that it has to be cleaned automatically and that the chlorine and pH levels are adequate.

5. Decorate according to seasonality

Although it may seem superficial, the truth is that each season has its own decorative language. While in winter warm colours are the protagonists, in summer neutral colours and natural materials become more important indoors thanks to its qualities to counteract high temperatures.

For example, removing carpets or replacing them with ones made of esparto grass or linen, cotton cushions in beige or blue tones for the sofa and curtains, and incorporating some plants and vases with dried flowers will give the perfect touch to your holiday accommodation. Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration and remember that it has to appeal to your guest.

This summer don’t worry about double bookings

After two years of pandemic, the summer of 2023 will be a normal summer for everyone and travellers and tourists will multiply by thousands over the next three months. Whether international or local, you will undoubtedly see an increase in bookings at your holiday home, possibly to higher levels than previous summers. Everyone wants to travel and get away from routine for a few weeks, and for you it’s a respite from these turbulent times. So don’t risk getting double bookings, overbookings or misunderstandings in your business, which you can easily avoid with a channel manager.

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