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You are here to request about connecting with as a third party provider? Here is all the info you need:

We are aiming to create an ecosystem for vacation rental managers that includes everything they need in their daily life. We are not capable of and do not want to develop everything on our own. Hence, we really appreciate partnerships with other services. Whether it is tech related or service related.

The process to connect is easy:

  1. Read our documentation first
  2. If you find everything you need, perfect. If not, contact us if there is a way to get more information or endpoints
  3. Sign up for a 30 days free trial or login as an existing Smoobu user. You will find API keys and all necessary IDs in your settings – “For Developers”
  4. Start developing and testing your application
  5. You can use the integration it for this particular user right away, no certification required

If everything is working and if you want to be listed on our 3rd party marketplace there are some additional steps to follow

  1. Contact us by and explain us your service (website, screenshots, contact, business model….)
  2. If we agree that your product provides value to our clients we will provide a general authentification key for third party providers providing exactly the endpoint you need
  3. Approved – Send a short description and a logo with transparent background

Once users start connecting to your service we can promote your service. Let’s discuss a commercial collaboration if you are interested, too.

Any questions? We are here to answer them! Send an e-mail to or use the following form to send a request.

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