Duve for Vacation Rental Hosts

Duve allows you to provide guests with an unforgettable experience

Duve Integration | Smoobu

Duve for Vacation Rental Hosts

Duve is an all-in-one feature that allows you to communicate with guests and upsell services. You can customize your preferences as a vacation rental host and offer a highly personalized experience to your visitors in a way that you stand out from the competition. Duve for vacation rentals is the ultimate application for contactless communication, upselling services and commodities, scheduled activities and 24/7 communication in one single tool. 


About Duve 

Upgrade the management of your vacation rental business to a new level of service. All hosts share a single mindset – saving time and money while offering a better service. Duve makes it possible by providing you with just one resource with the potential of many combined: online checking, guest app, unified inbox, mobile keys, marketplace and upselling, digital check-out and housekeeping manual, among others. 

Communication with your guests has become the key part of a successful vacation rental home, in times when personal and meaningful connections are rare in a globalized, online world. Duve has kept the community spirit alive and helps hosts offer a personalized, luxurious experience in all stages of the stay. 


Higher customer satisfaction guaranteed

Before connecting to Smoobu, all integrations must meet key client satisfaction requirements that we consider fundamental in our business. They should offer a product that is helpful for hosts and is able to solve their difficulties by providing a fast response and technical support when needed. If there are complaints about their service, Smoobu would automatically stop the collaboration. Our commitment is also shared by Duve, and it has helped a great deal of Smoobu users in their vacation rental business.

Duve Integration | Smoobu
Fabian Beckers
Co-Founder - Smoobu

Customers are satisfied with the efficient and smoothly integration and see a real value for their vacation rentals.


How much does Duve cost for a vacation rental host?

Duve has few options suitable for different types of needs. 

  • Basic Plan: covers basically most of the important features, such as online check-in, guest app and automations for 5€ per room/property a month. 
  • Pro Plan: similar features as in the Basic Plan, plus a better communication system for 6,50€ per room/property monthly. 
  • Premium Plan: includes smart upsells in any part of the stay for 9€ per room/unit monthly. 

With Duve you only pay for the number of rooms or units that are occupied. 

Is the integration between Smoobu and Duve available in my country?

Yes, Duve is available across the world.

Why working together with Smoobu and Duve is a plus for your vacation rental business?

The combination of a potent Channel Manager like Smoobu with a feature like Duve offers a 360º service that covers all fundamental elements of your business. Your guests just need to sit back and relax during their holiday, because everything is under control with Smoobu and Duve together.

How do I start using Duve?

Starting is quick and easy. You only need to go to Duve.com and register with a work email. You get a free trial!  You can also book a demo with one of their agents to see how Duve works.

How could I reach Support from Duve?

If you are already a Duve user, you can reach out to their support team by emailing [email protected], or contact through a live chat directly in your account.

A holistic, personalized experience thanks to Smoobu & Duve

Our integration with Duve offers you the opportunity to provide an elevated stay to your guests while managing everything from one single platform. This way, your workflow becomes more efficient, fast and easy, while your customers get 100% all your attention. Nothing secures a good amount of reviews than a perfect service.

14-day free trial

Get ready to take off with strategic integrations

Simplify, automate and boost your vacation rental business

Smoobu is an all-in-one software for vacation rental owners and managers and has been awarded as preferred Software Partner of Airbnb and Premium Partner of Booking.com. On top of that, our Channel Manager is connected to all the relevant booking portals in the vacation rental industry.

Besides these strategic connections, Smoobu is the gateway to a broad and open ecosystem of integrations and partners, which will contribute to simplify your daily vacation rental operations while giving you better results in less time.

Our solution is the ideal starting point in the vacation rental industry, and enables you to obtain better results easily and effortlessly.