Task management Tool VR Scheduler now Integrated with Smoobu

We are adding VR Scheduler to our list of third party integrations. A great add on for all Smoobu users out there who can now benefit from a broader range of features through which they will be able to rock their experience as hosts.

Smoobu shares the same mentality and sets the same goals regarding vacation rentals with VR Scheduler, and this surely made the merging process even more exciting and the result of it turned out to be quite thrilling. But how does actually this new integration help our software shine even brighter than before? You are going to discover this and so much more in the next few lines.
To begin with, although some people may be new to VR Scheduler solutions, they certainly have already had the chance to familiarize with a few issues when it comes to vacation rentals and that our new partner aims indeed to get fixed. We are talking about the considerable amount of stress that affects property owners on a global scale and which is most of the times due to the lack of an efficient software tool that can prevent chaos by providing, on the contrary, order and structure. VR Scheduler, just like Smoobu, does not like to dwell on chaotic scenarios and wants its focus to be straight from the very first click potential customers make on the website. This is VR Scheduler modus operandi: get organized, schedule effectively, coordinate staff, consolidate issues and maximize automation. 
Secondly, among the amazing features VR Scheduler offers, we would like to stress the ones that will certainly help you, dear Smoobu user, managing and developing your growing business in the most effective way. For example, thanks to VR Scheduler you can now create your own to-do list and set up a task reminder in order to always be on track: create reports for your staff members, organize their working routine, generate quick printable summaries related to your booking and include check-in and check-out date, tasks to be done and when to be finished with, and try to forecast the estimated working hours by department for your future bookings. Last but not least, you will also be able to customize rules to auto-generate tasks for all the services you provide, just like:
  • Create an arrival cleaning only if the unit has been vacant for more than 3 days.
  • Create hot tub chem checks only if the unit has a hot tub.
  • Create 6 month deep cleans or inventory checks.
  • Create an inspection mid vacancy check every 7 days, starting 6 days after the last checkout and ending 5 days before the next check in.
  • and so much more


It goes without saying that the addressees of this new, exciting integration are all the owners of big, multiple properties who are looking for a smart and easy way to minimize stress and implement organization and therefore, success.
Does it sound like something your activity can benefit from? Then we recommend you to go on VR Scheduler and check out the whole features list: https://www.vrscheduler.com/features.
Also, each existing Smoobu user gets a 14 days free trial, a reasonable period of time in order to deep dive into VR Scheduler features and to get an interesting preview of how your life would look like by subscribing to this new-born integration.