Standard base rate management: where are Smoobu prices sent

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You decided to manage your booking portals’ daily prices from Smoobu, very well. This will make it so much easier for you! First, you should verify that your standard rate (base rate) is connected to the booking portals. This applies to Agoda, Expedia and Click on Settings-> Booking portals-> Price synchronization.

Keep in mind that the prices that you enter in Smoobu will overwrite your current prices on the booking portals, replacing the standard base rates.

Make sure your standard base rate always refers to the same number of guests, in all booking portals.

Why should you set up the base rate for the same number of guests in all portals

By default Airbnb works with the base rate for the minimum number of guests and allows you to add an extra fee for each additional guest. Smoobu also works like this, as do most of the booking portals. In contrast, and Expedia work with the base rate refered to the maximum number of possible guests, and reduce the price for each guest less. Their prices start with the maximum price (and maximum occupancy) and dicrease to the minimum (and minimum possible occupancy), according to the number of people. To align all portals, we suggest you call and Expedia and invert this configuration.In this way, your standard base rate will be established for the minimum number of guests, with the same criteria in all portals, and you can easily send the standard rate from Smoobu.

This is where your prices are sent

Let’s take as an example and show you how Smoobu works. In the situation below, the percentage difference that the user has set in Smoobu for is 10% (see small red box). As soon as you enter your rates in Smoobu, your Prices tab will look like this.


At this point, the prices that you entered in Smoobu will be sent to your standard base rate in In the case below, the user has not changed the set up yet and the base price refers to 6 people (maximum occupancy) with a price reduction for fewer guests. But this is not the suggested configuration! See below:


At this point, if you have not already done so, a call to is enough to modify the base rate set up. Their Customer Service will make the change with a few clicks and then your price settings will be established for the minimum quantity of guests. In our example below, the minimum occupancy is 4 people and as you can see, the user has entered a 15 euro fee per extra guest:

And now, if you have not already done so, please enter your prices in Smoobu to synchronize them with your portals. Read our guide on how to synchronize prices and minimum stay .

Remember that for, Expedia and Agoda, the price per additional guest is managed directly on their Extranets, while for Airbnb is managed from Smoobu.

Thanks for your time! If you have any questions, drop us a message to

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