New partnership – Smoobu joins forces with the vacation house rental platform Nature House

Smoobu joins forces with the vacation rental platform Nature House

We are so excited to announce that from now on you can connect your listed properties on Nature House and manage your vacation rentals through our channel manager. With Nature House aboard, we expand our web of connected vacation rental portals whilst offering owners and hosts of holiday homes located in nature the chance to streamline their processes, time, and daily efforts.

About Nature House 

Nature House is an intermediary platform that offers a selection of vacation houses in natural and secluded locations in Europe. They are designed for travelers who love nature and are looking for a unique holiday experience, with easy access to the beautiful surroundings.

The Dutch owned company is the market leader in the Netherlands as well as in Belgium. In these countries they are known as Natuurhuisje. In Germany the brand is known as Naturhäuschen, whereas in France it is called Maison Nature and in Italy Casa Nella Natura. Please note that in order to connect on Smoobu you only find their English brand in our property listings under the name Nature House. 

The vacation houses featured on Nature House are carefully selected to ensure that they meet their criteria: a nature house is located away from the crowd and is not part of a large vacation park. It is located in beautiful surroundings, in the middle of nature, and provides guests with a unique and authentic experience. The website offers a variety of accommodation types in all shapes and sizes, including holiday homes, apartments, group accommodations, bungalows, B&B’s, cabins, cottages, treehouses, glamping tents and yurts. The aim of the company is to connect the right travelers with the right hosts. The website provides detailed information about each property, including photos, descriptions, sustainability features and reviews from previous guests. It also allows guests to contact hosts directly to ask questions or make reservations.

Nature House is a platform committed to the conservation and protection of local biodiversity. They believe that you should protect what you love. And Nature House really loves nature! That’s why they contribute 2% of their total turnover to local nature projects. The aim of these projects is to restore the balance between people and nature. That way over 340.000 € have been donated since August 2020.

The benefits of listing your property on Nature House

There are several benefits to listing your vacation home on Nature House, including:

Increased visibility

By listing your property on Nature House, you will have access to a large audience of nature-loving travelers. This can help you reach a wider audience and increase your chances of receiving  bookings.

Targeted marketing

Nature House focuses specifically on vacation rentals in nature. This means that your property will be marketed to a targeted audience that is interested in this type of accommodation and knows how to act responsibly in nature. 

Environmental impact

The portal is committed to sustainability and environmental conservation. Each booking made through their website contributes to the conservation of natural spaces by donating to local nature projects. By listing your property on Nature House, you can be part of an exclusive offering as well as of their community and support their various nature protection projects in Europe. 

Professional support 

It’s a platform that is designed to make it easy for hosts to list and manage their vacation rental properties. The company also offers professional support to help hosts optimize their listings and improve their bookings.

Additional income

Listing your property on Nature House can be a way to generate additional income from your vacation house. The platform allows you to set your own rates and manage your bookings, so you can earn money from your property while still maintaining control over the rental process.

What are the benefits of using Smoobu and Nature House together?

Using Smoobu in combination with listing your vacation house on Nature House offers several benefits, including:

Streamlined booking management

Smoobu allows you to manage all aspects of your bookings, including availability of calendars and reservations with guests. By integrating Smoobu with your listing on Nature House, you can streamline your booking management process and avoid double bookings or other errors.

Increased exposure

Smoobu can help you increase your exposure on multiple vacation rental platforms, including Nature House. By syncing your listings and availability calendars across different platforms, you can ensure that your property is visible to a wider audience. This will increase the chance of receiving bookings for your property. 

Time saving

By automating many of the tasks associated with managing your bookings, Smoobu can help you save time. You can use this extra time to focus on other aspects of your business, personal life or dedicate more time to help your guests. 

Enhanced guest experience

By using Smoobu to manage your bookings, you can provide a more professional and efficient experience for your guests. This can lead to better reviews and increased repeated business, not only on Nature House but also other vacation rental portals.

How to list your property on Nature House

Simply get in touch with their dedicated sales team if you have questions or are unsure whether your property meets their criteria. 

Netherlands & Belgium: [email protected] /  Tel: +31 6 18 96 64 95

Germany & Austria: [email protected] / Tel: +49 17634550423

France: [email protected] / Tel: +31 6 14 95 30 25

All other Nationalities: [email protected] / Tel:  +31 6 18 96 64 95

If you have a vacation house that meets the criteria for Nature House and you would like to be listed on their website, you can submit your request by following these steps:

  • Go to the “List your property” page on the Nature House website.
  • Enter your contact information, including your name, email address and phone number.
  • Provide information about your property, including the location, the type of accommodation, the number of guests it can accommodate and any unique features or amenities.
  • Upload photos of your property, including interior and exterior shots, to give potential guests a clear idea of what to expect.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions for listing your property on Nature House.
  • Submit your property for consideration.

Once you have submitted your property, the Nature House team will review it to ensure that it meets their criteria. When your property is accepted, you will be published and can start accepting bookings through the site.

Managing your Nature House listings on Smoobu is as simple as it gets

Connecting Smoobu and Nature House is very simple and it will only take some minutes of your time. Since we use an API synchronization system, bookings and contact details will appear on your Smoobu dashboard in real time. 

If you want to add Nature House as a booking portal, you will only need to search for your API key on Smoobu and then go back to Nature House to finish the set up. In this guide you will find how to connect to Nature House step-by-step. 

Now you can easily connect your listed properties on Nature House with Smoobu and achieve better results in your vacation rental business. If you have not tried Smoobu yet, just sign up for a 14-day free trial! 

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