Smart objects for rental owners

The future is now! Smart objects to the landlord’s service

Here we are, smart objects have arrived in our lives. Even though it seems still unrealistic, those objects exist and are designed to make your life much easier. A windfall for landlords! From smart locks, to smart heating systems, from irrigation systems to lighting. There is a wide range of products that can fit your needs. On top of that, some of those objects allow an iCal connection, you can now import your calendars from Smoobu and use your devices according to the availability calendar! If that isn’t the future, what is?

Make the landlords everyday life much more easy

You will probably think “why installing smart objects in my property?”. One must know to make the difference between simple gadgets and smart objects that will bring a real value to your rental home. You will find many different kind of devices, some concerning security such as security cameras or motion sensors, some will help you save time in the management of your properties such as smart locks and others will bring an added value to your rental place, like voice-controlled devices or lighting colors. It is up to you to figure out what could bring a plus to your rental.

As an illustration, choosing to install smart locks or key boxes in your rental can prevent the owner from moving when the guests are arriving. It is quite often that trains or planes are delayed and that the guests arrive in the middle of the night, or that they must wake up early to catch a plane. For this reason, it is not always easy for the owner to be available day and night for his guests. By installing smart locks devices your guests can come and go as they wish without disturbing you.

Moreover, installing security cameras can make sense if you are renting luxury accommodations like villas. These devices are connected to your phone and you can control that no undesirable visitors gets in your property and it will help you ensure your guests’ security.

Furthermore, a new generation of heating systems can now be connected to your phone, it allows you to switch on and off the heaters from your smartphone. This clever invention helps you save money and helps you to reduce your environmental impact.

Many different devices exist to make the owners life easier, like irrigation systems, parking doors, smart plugs or humidity and motion sensors. In short, the array of smart devices keeps on growing, it’s up to you to choose the ones that will bring a plus to your vacation rental!

Connect your devices to your Smoobu calendar

To make your life even more easier, some objects have an Ical connection. If it’s available on your device, it means that you can connect your Smoobu availability calendar to your app.

To find the iCal link in Smoobu, please go to:

  • Settings
  • Properties
  • Edit next to the property
  • Copy the link « Calendar Check-in & -out for… »
  • Paste the link in the given field in your device application

What are the advantages of such a connection?

We give you an example, admitting you installed a smart heating or AC system in your property and this one has an iCal connection. Once your calendar integrated in your device’s app, the heater or AC will start automatically before your guests arrive and will stop automatically after they left. This is paradise! Not only you don’t have to move to starts the heaters long enough before your guests arrive, but you don’t even have think about it anymore. You now have the possibility to relax and stop worrying about those small things that make you lose a precious time.

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