Rent out your vacation rental as a whole or in subunits and sync all that information onto booking portals

Often vacation rentals are either rented out as a whole or alternatively as individual sub units. Synchronizing the different options onto listing platforms can be quite a lot of manual work.

Once you received a booking for one of your listings there was no way around manually blocking the other units accordingly. Taking up a lot of your time and maybe keeping you from listing on more channels and hence giving up on more revenues.

We have developed a killer feature to make daily maintenance of your calendars less painful.

Imagine you have three listings each on say Airbnb and Advertising two individual rooms but at the same time advertising the rental as a whole. Up until now it has been quite complicated to manage your calendars and to avoid double bookings. Smoobu can manage to take care of all your calendars automatically. At the same time you can list all of the different options without fearing to overbook your units.

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