Manage your Airbnb reviews directly on Smoobu

ᐅ Manage your Airbnb reviews on Smoobu Channel Manager

Airbnb is one of the most popular platforms for Smoobu users and is becoming increasingly important for private owners of vacation rentals. We at Smoobu are therefore continuously working on optimizing our connections to Airbnb and we are pleased to present you a new feature today.

Personal contact between host and guest is essential for a booking platform such as Airbnb and the main reason why positive reviews are fundamental for your success as landlord. In order for you to use Smoobu and Airbnb even better together, we have just integrated your reviews  directly on Smoobu.

Read, write and respond to your Airbnb reviews directly on Smoobu

From now on you can use your Smoobu account to read, answer and submit your own reviews of your Airbnb guests. This way you always have your guests’ feedback at hand and you can respond directly, without needing to login on Airbnb.

ᐅ Manage your Airbnb reviews on Smoobu Channel Manager

Here’s what our new Airbnb reviews integration offers you:

  • Read and manage reviews from your guests in real time.
  • Answer to them directly from your Smoobu account.
  • Write public and private reviews.

Write a short “Thank you for your visit!” or any other message in appreciation for their positive feedback. At the same time, you can use your public ratings and award your guest with up to five stars in different categories, for example on “cleanliness”, “communication”, and “house rules”.

If you want, you can also send a more detailed, private message directly to your guests, which won’t be  published and is only intended for their eyes.

Smoobu is Airbnb’s Preferred Software Partner in 2021

We have more good news! Once more, Airbnb has chosen Smoobu as their “Preferred Software Partner” in 2021.

ᐅ Manage your Airbnb reviews on Smoobu Channel Manager

Every year, the booking portal distinguishes channel managers that are ideally suited for managing holiday apartments and other vacation rentals on Airbnb, being Smoobu Channel Manager one of the favourite software partners for several years and we are very pleased to hold this important recognition this year as well.

Airbnb guide for hosts

Added: We have developed a full guide about hosting on Airbnb. In this Airbnb guide for hosts you will find all reasons why you should list your accommodation on Airbnb.

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