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ᐅ List now your property on HomeToGo and manage it with Smoobu!

HomeToGo has rapidly become one of the biggest players in the holiday rental industry, with an impressive number of 50 million users monthly. Now, HomeToGo has launched their own listing functionality for hosts across the world who desire to broaden even further their visibility and increase their bookings. 

However, HomeToGo takes you further than other booking portals, since this new launch helps you match with the perfect guests for you, creating the best holiday experience for both travelers and hosts. 

How to list your property on HomeToGo 

The process is very simple and fast, starting with a sign-up on the HomeToGo platform and following an onboarding process. In less than 10 minutes your property will be ready to go live on the listing site. 

  1. After you have signed up with an email address and password, you will be asked to define what type of property you want to list, as a single-unit or multi-unit property.
  2. Afterwards, simply specify what type of accommodation it is, for example, an apartment, bed & breakfast, boat, cabin, farmhouse, castle, villa, etc. and what rental type (shared, private, entire unit). 
  3. Don’t forget to add the location, and the rest of necessary information: how many guests and rooms are available, photos, amenities, a catchy title and description, price and availability, and finally your booking policies.

Once all is finished, your listing is ready to go! 

From your profile in you are able to see your listings, properties, bookings, calendar and inbox. Don’t hesitate to visit HomeToGo’s Help Center in case you’d have further questions. 

How much does it cost to list your property on HomeToGo?

There is no initial fee to list, so it is absolutely risk free.
HomeToGo offers two different pricing options to the hosts to choose from: 

  • HomeToGo “Split fee” pricing option: HomeToGo will charge you a 3% commission per booking. Your guest will be charged a variable fee based on HomeToGo’s pricing intelligence. This pricing option allows you to increase your booking revenue. HomeToGo adjusts the level of the service fee dynamically.
  • HomeToGo “Host-only fee” pricing option: HomeToGo will deduct a 15% commission per booking from your payout. Your guests won’t be charged any fees. If you’re looking to maximize your booking rate, this pricing option is optimal. Important to note that the price/night you’re defining will be the price charged to your guests. No extra costs or services will be added. 

Manage your HomeToGo listings exclusively with Smoobu

Smoobu is the only Channel Manager on the market which can be connected to the HomeToGo listings. Take advantage of our two worlds and combine them to enhance and boost the performances of your vacation rental business.

From one side, HomeToGo, a powerful booking platform attracting 50 million visitors per month worldwide. On the other hand, Smoobu, a professional channel manager solution allowing hosts like you to automatically synchronize and in real-time your booking portals and avoid double bookings, but also to simplify your bookings management while helping you to extend your vacation rental business. 

Take a chance on HomeToGo, reach new prospects to develop your activity and boost your revenue.

How to connect your HomeToGo account with Smoobu? 

Integrating both systems is quite simple and won’t take much of your time. 

  1. Firstly, log in to your Smoobu account, and from there go to Settings > Booking Portals, where you’ll see HomeToGo logo. 
  2. After that, click on “Connect account”, confirm the connection on HomeToGo site, map the properties you want to connect, and click on “Save”

That’s all! You have now integrated HomeToGo as a booking portal and all can be managed from within Smoobu dashboard. 

8 advantages from the HomeToGo x Smoobu collaboration

  • Benefit from a brand new modern booking platform to reach new prospects and develop your brand identity
  • Develop your business: increase your booking rate and your revenu by multiplying your touching points with future guests
  • Synchronize with Smoobu automatically and in real time your booking calendars on all your reservations platforms – avoid overbooking and present always an up-to-date calendar
  • Sync your prices automatically with the option to add smart pricing tools
  • Block if needed and in a few clicks your calendar on all your connected booking channels
  • Manage easily your communication efforts with your HomeToGo guests directly from Smoobu’s unified inbox thanks to an exclusive integration
  • Enjoy the Smoobu automated messages functionality: create message templates, define the trigger event and improve communications with your guests drastically.
  • With 50+ integrated partners, Smoobu allows you to use the best services available on the market: smart locks, payment services, pricing tools and way more! 

Reveal the power of Smoobu x HomeToGo

Find out how HomeToGo and Smoobu are working together! Try out our Channel Manager with our free-trial for 14 days, connect it to your HomeToGo account and reveal the power of Smoobu x HomeToGo.

Note: Due to legal reasons, unfortunately, listings from Austria and France are not yet possible at this time.

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