Help Ukraine: Housing for Refugees and How Hosts Can Help

ᐅ Help Ukraine: Housing for Refugees and How Hosts Can Help

Since last week, a terrible humanitarian crisis has taken hold of Ukraine with almost 1 million Ukrainians fleeing their country to seek refuge and support in neighboring countries like Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Rumania and Germany.

If you are a refugee seeking accommodation, or a host or homeowner willing to provide assistance, HomeToGo has gathered resources in order to offer as much information and support as needed.

For refugees looking for shelter and further support

Here is a list of online resources to find accommodation across Europe and worldwide.

  • United for Ukraine: information in Ukrainian and English and to request help in seeking accommodation in several European counties.
  • Wunderflats: information in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Temporary free accommodation for Ukrainian refugees in Germany.
  • Every Bed Helps: in English, for accommodation requests in Germany managed directly by housing companies.
  • Host 4 Ukraine: in Ukrainian and English managed directly by homeowners who offer free accommodation in several European cities.
  • Ukraina Services: accommodation and assistance in Ukrainian, Polish, and English. The website offers help regarding transfers, accommodation, legal support, medical and psychological assistance, and help for animals.
  • We Help Ukraine: information in Ukrainian, Russian and English for housing, transportation, medical and psychological aid and documentation across the world.
  • Arriving in Berlin: informational sheet for those arriving in Berlin, in Ukrainian, German and English.

For hosts and homeowners who can provide shelter

If you are in a position to offer accommodation to those in need, you can register as a host in any of the following platforms.

How to help as an individual?

At the moment any help is welcome! If you happen to live near the Ukraine border or a place where refugees are arriving, there are many ways to contribute. Contact your local support associations or local council to find out how to donate money, clothing, medicine, hygiene products, food, or other items to those either arriving by train or to be sent to the border.

Solidarity with Ukraine grows day by day. We all could offer make a difference with small contributions.