Digital guest book for your guests. Why every vacation rental owner should have one

First impression is what matters and a good vacation rental owner knows it well. The first look when entering the property is definitely the best start. Smoobu’s digital guest book will help you to impress your guests.

Generally, guests appreciate the welcome book with the rules of the house, the Wi-fi password and, especially the information about the area composed of city maps, relevant information of the region, recommendations of restaurants and pubs, events and typical celebrations of the place. 

Recent studies have confirmed that information offered by the owners in a printed form is less and less consulted by guests. The reason is simple. Users can have everything on their smartphone and always take it with them. Just look.

That’s why more and more vacation rental owners are using a personalized digital guest book for their customers.

Let’s go step by step.

The importance of providing a guest book to guests

It is inevitable that guests have questions about the property they book and events in the area.

It often happens that they consult directly with the owner or manager of the apartment because they consider it a local in the area.

Being friendly and helpful is an attitude that our guests take for granted. But this availability cannot be continuous 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

On the other hand, as we have already said, the first impression is the one that matters and, after entering your accommodation, finding touristic possibilities on the table is certainly a good start.

Digitization has changed the way we live in our guests’ stay.

It is important to them that the information is accessible anytime, anywhere, and they expect their host to be available online at any time,at the risk of not having a review on ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

That’s why a welcome guide in a printed format that stays inside the house doesn’t meet all the expectations and needs of our guests.

Although trips are being prepared every time closer to the stay, holiday planning is done long before arrival at the accommodation.

So why not give all the necessary information to your guests as soon as they have booked their stay at your accommodation

The answer is the digital guide book for guests

What is the digital guest book and why is it important?


Until now, guests had to look for the best restaurants, wine bars or events on their own and, only when they arrived at the site, could they compare them to the locals, mostly the owner or manager of the accommodation they had rented.

With the digital guest book, all the private and public information that a guest needs for their stay, is contained in a single web application.

This is often offered by the owner of the accommodation himself (who will probably also receive a positive review for this).

With the digital guest book, the guest can have services and information available that they would otherwise search on their own on the web.

Some examples of services and information that can be offered in the digital guest book:

  • Taking a direct reservation
  • Welcome information
  • Arrival and departure details
  • Digital map of the area (Google Maps)
  • Private guest – host chat
  • Wi-Fi access (login and password)
  • Online check-in at the property
  • Museums and events
  • Useful numbers for emergencies and other needs
  • Weather
  • Directions to the Airport
  • Information on bike sharing and car sharing




Example of Digital Guest Book

Smoobu Guest Book for Your Guests: The Guest App!

Here at Smoobu we call our digital guest book Guest App.

In Smoobu’s web application, managers can enter virtually any information they find useful to their guests. The app, free for all Smoobu customers, is designed to provide information before guests have started their vacation.

Improve your feedback and experience with our Digital Guest Book


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What can you add in Smoobu Guest App?

Smoobu Guest app, free for all users, offers countless options, all fully customizable by the host.

The app offers:

And more information:

  • From the booking
  • Welcome information (arrival/departure)
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Weather
  • Directions to the airport
  • Museums and events
  • Useful numbers for emergencies and other needs

If you are interested in trying out Smoobu Guest App, check out our digital guest book demo here.

Professional, right?. It offers all the information the guest needs in a single click. The fabulous part is that it is a guide that a host creates in about 20 minutes.

You can also sell additional products/services from the app directly, such as a bottle of sparkling wine or dinner; or just an extra bed. Read our guide

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Native app vs. Web App

Smoobu Guest App is not a native app, but a web app, which is a web application.

Why not a native app?

We did a lot of testing and found that guests tend not to download a native app.

And what is the use of a very complete native application, if your guests would not be willing to download it on their mobile?

In web app mode, your guests will only need a link that they can access on their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Try Smoobu. 30 days free trial


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