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A website is very important for owners of vacation rentals. On one hand, it’s the easiest way to present your accommodations to potential customers and to appear in a professional light. On the other hand, a homepage can also be a successful marketing channel, depending on the region and competition, and it brings additional sales without paying commissions. We have all the tools integrated. Calendar, booking engine, you name it.

Your own vacation rental website with just a few clicks

vacation rental homepage, Vacation Rental Homepage

With Smoobu, it’s never been easier to create your own customized website for your vacation rental. In a few minutes, you can access your own website online. Create short texts, upload beautiful images and go online.

The result is a beautiful website that does not only look great on large monitors, but equally good on mobile devices, so that your guests can find the apartment at anytime and anywhere.

vacation rental homepage, Vacation Rental Homepage

Professional and interactive: an incredible VR website

vacation rental homepage, Vacation Rental Homepage

Photos & Videos

Beautiful photos and videos are the key to success. Present your apartment in the best light. With our online software, you can easily present your photos and videos beautifully.

Google maps integration

Show your guests where your apartment is located and what it is close to. Create and display a map without prior knowledge.

Booking Engine

Potential guests of your vacation rental can view availabilities period immediately. The page checks your occupancy schedule and immediately provides your visitor with an answer. When the apartment is available, a direct request or booking can be made.

Occupancy calendar

If you like, you can show the occupancy calendar of your apartment directly to the visitor. This way, your page’s visitors can see the remaining free periods.

For apartments, bed&breakfasts or hotels

Your Smoobu vacation rental homepage is suitable for hosts of any size, whether it is an apartment, several vacation rentals or many hotel rooms.


Make yourself interesting for guests from all over the world. Create your page in many languages. Our service allows you to complete individual translations of all common languages.

vacation rental homepage, Vacation Rental Homepage

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