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Reservation System (PMS)

All Bookings in one Central Place

Find bookings from all booking portals in a clearly arranged list. You can search for individual bookings or add new bookings with just a few clicks. The reservation system is integrated with the Channel Manager. The cockpit provides all important information and performance indicators at a glance.

Cockpit: All the Activity in one Central Place

reservation system, Reservation System

The Smoobu cockpit provides all the important information at a glance. What is the occupancy, how are bookings coming in, who are the next guests. All current bookings can be viewed at a glance.

reservation system, Reservation System

Booking list: all reservations and information at a glance

The booking list provides a complete overview of all bookings. These can be sorted by the arrival or the date of booking; and it is filterable by all criteria such as apartment, booking channel, etc. Easily browse through all your bookings and export your selection as a CSV table.

reservation system, Reservation System

Billing: Create invoices and process payments

reservation system, Reservation System

You can easily create invoices with Smoobu. First you create your invoice template according to your needs. You define a standard and can then optionally adjust it for each individual invoice. Invoice items are automatically added from the booking, just like the guest data. You can also use other positions such as add breakfast or bike rental. You can also insert PayPal links automatically so that your guests can then pay the bill with one click.

reservation system, Reservation System

Customer Relationship Management

All your contacts in one central list. Making your customer relationship management easier and more transparent. Easily export and send messages e.g. through Mailchimp as newsletters

reservation system, Reservation System

What is a reservation system or PMS?

A reservation system helps you to manage your guests effectively. You have a central calendar with all your booking and guest information. You can enter all bookings and cancel reservations. Additionally, the reservation system provides you with all kind of relevant information and data. How many guests are coming, when are they arriving, do they have any special inquiries etc. Hence, the abbreviation PMS which comes from hotel management and stands for Property Management System.

Using Smoobu professional to manage your vacation rentals makes it even easier. Using the channel manager, all you will have to do is enter telephone or email bookings into Smoobu manually.

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