Reservation System (PMS)

All your bookings, activity and performance indicators in one central place.

Smoobu's reservation system or PMS (Property Management System), helps you manage your vacation rental more efficiently.

Benefit from a unique central calendar with all your bookings aggregated information. How many guests are coming, contacts, when are they arriving, do they have any special requests etc.

Additionally, our reservation system provides you with all kind of important statistics and other relevant performance indicators so you can make better business decisions.

Your new central operations cockpit

Your cockpit provides you with the most relevant information, KPIs and activity in a clearly arranged interface.

What is the occupancy rate, distribution rate by booking portal, who are your next guests, activity feed and more. You can see all your current bookings by property or aggregated view at a glance.

Search for individual bookings or add new bookings with just a few clicks.

Smoobu's Reservation System (PMS) is fully integrated with the Channel Manager.

Streamline your network

Smoobu's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool makes your network administration easier and more transparent.

Since all data is saved on your account, all guest contacts, from all your connected booking portals, are conveniently centralised.

You can easily add, edit or delete specific fields, without interfering with your bookings. Furthermore, you can export all data and refine communication e.g. send third-party newsletters, or SMS.

Download our free mobile app for iOS and Android and get in touch with your guests on the go!

Automate billing and process payments

Smoobu makes your guest billing easier with custom invoice templates. You can either define a main template according to your needs and/or adjust for each booking individually.

Just like our CRM fetches all guest data, all invoice items are dynamically retrieved from your bookings. That includes cross-selling items from your Smoobu Booking Engine such as e.g. breakfast, bike rental etc.

Additionally, you can speed up payments by inserting PayPal links automatically into your invoices.

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