Masunt for Vacation Rental hosts

Key handover solution

Masunt integration | Smoobu

Masunt for Vacation Rental Hosts

With Masunt secure key handover and key storage with their key deposit vault, key deposit box or key safe of stainless steel. Thanks to its integration within Smoobu, you can send over your pin codes automatically at a strategic point of your communication journey.

Masunt for Vacation Rental in short

Masunt allows hosts to secure the access to their property with efficient key boxes. The Masunt’s solutions permit hosts like you to simplify the key handover process and encourage autonomous check-in/check-out. It’s simplified for both you and your guests. Easy.

Masunt reviews

In order to connect to Smoobu, all integrations must meet key client satisfaction requirements.They should offer a product that is helpful for hosts. If there are complaints about their service, Smoobu would automatically stop the collaboration. We’ve chosen Masunt carefully for their good products and services.

Masunt integration | Smoobu
Fabian Beckers
Co-Founder - Smoobu

Customers are satisfied with the efficient and smoothly integration and see a real value for their vacation rentals.


How much does Masunt cost for a vacation rental host?

Masunt offers to host different types of vaults of boxes for their key handover or key deposit. You can experience their different products on their website,

Is the integration between Smoobu and Masunt available in my country?


Why working together with Smoobu and Masunt is a plus for your vacation rental business?

Our PMS is connected to Masunt Key Locks. Thanks to these 2 solutions working together through an integration, send automatically pin codes to your clients based on your daily settings. Absolutely efficient and super safe.

How do I start using Masunt?

Check first the different key lock options from Masunt and start using them in your vacation rental.

How could I reach Support from Masunt?

You can fill in a form to contact Masunt.
Masunt is also reachable per email at: [email protected] or by telephone +49 (0) 40/716 629 905

Secure your vacation rental business with Smoobu & Masunt

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Smoobu is an all-in-one software for vacation rental owners and managers and has been awarded as preferred Software Partner of Airbnb and Premium Partner of On top of that, our Channel Manager is connected to all the relevant booking portals in the vacation rental industry.

Besides these strategic connections, Smoobu is the gateway to a broad and open ecosystem of integrations and partners, which will contribute to simplify your daily vacation rental operations while giving you better results in less time.

Our solution is the ideal starting point in the vacation rental industry, and enables you to obtain better results easily and effortlessly.