AVS for Vacation Rental hosts

Ease your registration processes with AVS accelerated guest registration

AVS Integration | Smoobu

Smoobu and AVS

Thanks to our integration with our German partner AVS, now our hosts can improve their workflow regarding registration forms, guest cards and guest contribution billing in a simplified way and experience an accelerated guest registration process, which plays such an essential role in every successful vacation rental business. 


About AVS

AVS leads the market in Germany when it comes to guest loyalty through guest cards on the digital registration form platform. Their system is easily configurable and it can be combined with our Channel Manager.


A modernized check-in experience with AVS

From welcome cards and vouchers to individual cards for check-in, AVS stands out in the tourist industry for its sustainable products, which are a demonstrably effective tool for attracting and retaining guests. Their solutions play a central role in marketing for individual service providers, like yourself.

AVS Integration | Smoobu
Fabian Beckers
Co-Founder - Smoobu

Customers are satisfied with the efficient and smoothly integration and see a real value for their vacation rentals.


How much does AVS cost for a vacation rental host?

AVS offers different products and solutions created especially for the leisure industry. We invite you to take a look at their website, and contact them for a tailored solution that fits perfectly your needs.

Is the integration between Smoobu and AVS available in my country?

AVS is only available in Germany.

Why working together with Smoobu and AVS is a plus for your vacation rental business?

With Smoobu you already have an All-In-One platform with a wide variety of solutions, but if you want to improve your guest experience and transform your check-in process and marketing activities, AVS is the solution for you.

How do I start using AVS?

If you are already an AVS client, then you will need to integrate AVS in your Smoobu account in our Integrations panel. After that, you can easily manage your bookings and other guest information with your Smoobu account.

How could I reach Support from AVS?

Get in touch with AVS team through their website or by downloading their App AVS QuickSupport.

Boost your vacation rental business with Smoobu and AVS

You have now 14 days to try our Channel Manager and AVS together free of charge. Experience first-hand how your revenues and bookings increase in a short period of time. Start your free trial now!

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Get ready to take off with strategic integrations

Simplify, automate and boost your vacation rental business

Smoobu is an all-in-one software for vacation rental owners and managers and has been awarded as preferred Software Partner of Airbnb and Premium Partner of Booking.com. On top of that, our Channel Manager is connected to all the relevant booking portals in the vacation rental industry.

Besides these strategic connections, Smoobu is the gateway to a broad and open ecosystem of integrations and partners, which will contribute to simplify your daily vacation rental operations while giving you better results in less time.

Our solution is the ideal starting point in the vacation rental industry, and enables you to obtain better results easily and effortlessly.