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Guest Experience Page

Provide guides, arrival info, tours, weather…

Arrival Info, Cross Selling & so much more..

Provide your guests with all the relevant information regarding their reservation, available in their preferred language and in one place.

Make them feel accompanied from the moment of booking until after check out. Show your guests the information of your reservation, check-in instructions, the weather during their stay, available tours, map of the area and much more.

Have your guests send you direct messages from the Guest App.

communication, Guest Experience Page

Add customized content

communication, Guest Experience Page

Customize your guest experience. Choose what content to display and when you want your guest to have this information available. For example, use the Guest App to request online check-in before your guests arrive. Or enable them to leave a review after the day of check-out.

Create as many elements as you wish. Add all necessary content blocks. Include photos, videos, links and iframes. The options are endless!

For example, integrate a map with the route to your accommodation from the nearest airport or include a link for Whatsapp contact.

communication, Guest Experience Page

Make More Money by Selling Extra Services

Smoobu allows you to sell whatever services you would like to offer through the electronic guest map that comes with our application. In general all items that you are offering can be bought both through website during the actual booking on your site or through the guest app.

Whereas during the actual booking only clients who booked through your site, through the guest application your clients can also purchase products and services independent from the portals such as or Airbnb.

communication, Guest Experience Page

Receive direct bookings and offer additional services

communication, Guest Experience Page

Create an unforgettable guest experience to receive your next booking directly and commission-free.

Offer additional services and make sure you get a 5 star rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. For example, give the possibility of reserving a table in a nearby restaurant.

Click here to see a Guest App example

communication, Guest Experience Page

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