Maximize Your Rental Potential with Smoobu and Wheelhouse

Are you a Wheelhouse user looking to take your vacation rental business to new heights?

At Smoobu, we’re thrilled to introduce this dynamic partnership with Wheelhouse that will transform the way you manage your properties, boost your profits, and enhance your guest experience.

ᐅ Wheelhouse and Smoobu Partnership | Smoobu

A Seamless Property Management

The collaboration between Wheelhouse and Smoobu isn’t just a partnership; it’s a revolution in vacation rental management. As a Wheelhouse user, here’s why you should register on Smoobu and leverage the integration:

ᐅ Wheelhouse and Smoobu Partnership | Smoobu
Optimized Pricing

Harness Wheelhouse’s revenue management platform suggestions in perfect harmony with Smoobu’s reservation system to maximize your revenue on every booking.

ᐅ Wheelhouse and Smoobu Partnership | Smoobu
Unified Calendar

Centralize your rates, availability, and reservations in a single, easy-to-manage calendar. No more double bookings or confusion.

ᐅ Wheelhouse and Smoobu Partnership | Smoobu
Automation Efficiency

Reduce manual work by automating your daily tasks, thanks to Smoobu’s advanced property management features working in sync with Wheelhouse’s pricing adjustments.

ᐅ Wheelhouse and Smoobu Partnership | Smoobu
Enhanced Guest Experience

Elevate your guest interactions using Smoobu’s integrated messaging system, creating a seamless and delightful guest journey from booking to check-out.

ᐅ Wheelhouse and Smoobu Partnership | Smoobu
Market Insights

Stay ahead of the competition with real-time market data and competitor analysis through Wheelhouse’s powerful dashboard and Smoobu’s Smoobu’s smart statistics .

ᐅ Wheelhouse and Smoobu Partnership | Smoobu
Automation Efficiency

Increase your online reach and tap into a global audience with Smoobu’s channel manager and its extensive network of booking portals.

Start Using the Smoobu and Wheelhouse Integration Today!

Ready to unlock the potential of this integration? The path is straightforward:

  1. If you’re not already a Smoobu user, sign up to access the complete property management experience.
  2. Connect your vacation rentals and add your addresses into Smoobu for each Accommodation here: Settings / Website Builder / Details & Photos
  3. Click “Add Account” from your Wheelhouse dashboard and select Smoobu, or link your account here.
  4. Click the “Connect your Smoobu account” button.
  5. Sign in to your Smoobu account. Click Connect on the message that will prompt.

Done! Now pricing will be pushed automatically to Smoobu daily. No effort, more revenue!.

ᐅ Wheelhouse and Smoobu Partnership | Smoobu

Hear from Smoobu Users

ᐅ Wheelhouse and Smoobu Partnership | Smoobu
Filippo Nigro

For three years, I've been delighted with Smoobu. It offers an intuitive, comprehensive, and user-friendly experience. With all aspects of property management centralized in one tool – Smoobu handles calendars, rates, reservations, automated emails, and more – it's the perfect solution for me.

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