By participating in Smoobu’s Referral Program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Smoobu GmbH (“Smoobu”) uses (“Growsurf”) as technology provider for this Referral Program. By registering to Smoobu’s Referral Program you agree to the following terms and conditions, as well as, to the Smoobu Privacy Policy, to the Growsurf Terms & Conditions and the Growsurf Privacy Policy.

2. Smoobu pays 50 Euros (the “Reward”) to the participant of this program (the “Referrer”) and for each qualified new customer (the “Referred”) the Referrer refers to Smoobu, provided that,

  • the Referred registers to Smoobu’s Software Services via the unique URL, provided to the Referrer when registered to the program at or AND,
  • the Referred enters an active buying cycle, as defined by the opportunity completing Smoobu’s 14-day trial and successfully completing the subscription of Smoobu’s Professional Plan AND,
  • the Referred provided a valid payment method and Smoobu was able to successful charge it – also known as Activation AND,
  • the Referred subscribed to Smoobu’s Professional Plan with 7 or more properties OR has an active subscription in the last 3 months OR subscribes to a yearly plan – whatever comes first AND,
  • the Referred isn’t the Referrer or referring themselves, using multiple accounts.

3. The Referrer shall market Smoobu’s Referral Program to qualified leads. A “qualified lead” means a Referred that,

  • is interested in vacation rental software, whose can benefit from channel and/or property management systems AND,
  • is not an existing Smoobu customer AND,
  • is a non-active opportunity at the time you refer it – a “non-active opportunity” means a prospective customer who is not currently engaged in a sales cycle and is not in an open opportunity stage in our internal CRM database.

4. Smoobu tracks the Reward by adding a 30 day cookie in the Referred internet browser with the Referrer’s unique identifier. When the Referred confirms the subscription to Smoobu’s Professional Plan, the Reward is automatically triggered via a custom javascript code (deployed via Google Tag Manager) that reads the cookie’s unique identifier and is credited to the Referrer’s account.

Smoobu is NOT able to track the Reward,

  • if the Referred has either an Advertising or a Tag Management Blocker installed on their internet browser OR,
  • if the Referred blocks 3rd party cookies on their internet browser OR,
  • if the Referred deletes cookies in their internet browser within the 30 day cookie lifetime.

5. The Reward (or Rewards) payouts are executed,

  • if all conditions in paragraph number 2 apply AND,
  • if the reward was correctly tracked (as stated in paragraph number 4) AND,
  • every month AND,
  • in a single transaction per account AND,
  • via PayPal (to the PayPal email address provided by the Referrer during registration) AND,
  • in Euros.

6. The Referrer is solely responsible for any tax payments and reporting for amounts received.

7. Smoobu is not liable for the validity of the provided PayPal email address and/or rejected PayPal transactions and/or exchange rates.

8. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers and is void where prohibited by law.

9. To be eligible, Referrers must be, at the time of referral through the program permitted under your employer’s policy to participate and receive payouts. Referrers must confirm with their employer whether they are eligible to participate in this program.

10. Smoobu may suspend, terminate or modify this program at any time, without notice, and reserves the right to disqualify any Referrer from participation. Especially when PayPal transactions are rejected and the Referred is the Referrer.

11. All determinations will be made by Smoobu in its sole discretion and are final.

Stand: February 25th, 2021

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